Double Clones

I ended up purchasing 5 hulls off contract, all in the same location 3 jumps from my Null Home. A couple Recon’s I collected the other day, a couple Cruisers, and a Mining Barge. I collected the two Cruisers a day or two later without mishap. The Barge will have to wait for me to be in the mood for such a move.

I then went about the task of getting the important second clone down into Null for my Main Toon. I clone jumped out to Hi-Sec. I had initially planned to use a Covert Ops, but instead decided to use a Viator. I worked out the fitting changes I would use for the 5 contract hulls, and threw in some extra ammo and such, and set about flying it all back to Null.

As I made my way through Hi-Sec I used Dotlan to check the statistics for the Low and Null Sec areas I would be passing through. Snuffed Out had a recent Black Ops drop in the pipe, and Rote Kapelle was noticeably active, although not specifically in the systems I would be using.

Feeling a little uneasy, I forged ahead anyway. While I have only completely bookmarked around a third of the route, most of the other systems had rough safes setup between the gates. Using these I was able to pause where required and D-Scan out-gates before warping on top of them, including for one system which was unexpectedly housing the Rote Kapelle gang I had noticed on the Killboard via Dotlan. It took longer than my previous trips, but in the end I managed to dock up safely.

I still need to grab that Barge. I also need a couple Covert Ops, an extra scouting interceptor, plus a handful of small PVP hulls, a PVE ship (probably two) capable of handling the local combat sites, some more supplies, and I also need to consider if it is worth getting a Carrier down here to help move stuff around. Should keep me busy for a while.

2 thoughts on “Double Clones

    • I knew of the work you guys do – and in fact you are one of the rare groups I’ve flagged blue. Its been a while since I checked out your website. The Thera connection Map will indeed be useful. I’ll have to make a point of using it regularly to see if there are connections that might work. Thanks for the tip.

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