Power of the mind

A first cousin once removed of mine has gone into Hospital for the last week or three of her life.

I don’t recall meeting her in person, but I was aware of her cancer diagnosis and battle through news passed on by my father.

I certainly feel empathy for the young lady, her daughter, immediate family and friends, but I am not close enough to that part of the family to carry painful grief.

My father is quite depressed about it – but he wallows in how unfair life can be. I try to follow my Mother’s lead – the pragmatic view that life isn’t fair, and you just deal with what you are dealt to the best of your ability. She has practiced that mantra all her life. I don’t recall her ever complaining about her lot, even when she had her own battle with Breast Cancer. She just accepted and moved forward.

I was speaking to my father earlier on the phone and he gave me the latest update. The young lady in the final stages of her life has an intellectual disability, and has struggled to really comprehend the futile path her treatments had taken or her impending death. The view is that the only thing keeping her alive right now is her unadulterated fear of dying.

I’ve known terminally ill people who lived for special birthdays or events, then slipped away quickly afterwards. I’ve known a few elderly people who have simply decided they had had enough, gave up on life, and slip away after varying lengths of time. The power of the mind is amazing.

At the moment the lady is suffering lots of mini-strokes as her blood breaks down and clots. If one of these impacts the part of her brain linked to the fear she is gripped by, she will likely quickly die as her spirit relaxes.

Each time I’ve read something on the Goon / Endie / Xander / Truth or Troll topic, I keep coming back to thinking about that young lady. The noise of the EVE megalomaniacs is interesting and amusing, but it is just not important enough in life to get worked up over.

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