I finished bookmarking the entire Null Sec constellation, aside the belts outside of my home system. The place is quieter than expected, and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to be out in space doing things.

I grabbed a 6th Hull off contract – a PVE fit Cerberus. After the task of collecting it was done, I did some initial belt ratting. I don’t do that to earn billions, but just as something extra to fill time. I’m not sure how the Cerberus will handle the combat sites – I will have to experiment. I just need more appropriate ammo first.


Looks kind of cool with all its launchers

The system I grabbed it from housed a lot of pilots from one of the three main alliances I see moving around. It would appear to be their main constellation. It was a reminder again about how my position in my new home is tenuous. All it would take is some 500-man alliance to move in, and my fun will be over.

I should probably get a carrier down there – so that if forced to move, I can do so easier. I actually think the region should always hold quiet pockets, but I might at times have to move between constellations. I think Dotlan said my carriers are currently 8 or 9 jumps distance, including moving through some well-known choke points. I might buy something more local – or maybe even try to build one for myself.  I’ll have to think about it – that would keep me busy for a while.

After a recent comment I’ve taken to monitor the Thera Wormhole connections in case something opens up in the area. EVE Scout maintain a rather cool list and map here:


So far there has been nothing. I wonder if it is camped as much as it was in the early days, or if it is “relative safe”.

I’m not sure what I will be able to get up to this weekend. I scanned down the entire constellation last night but only found 2 Wormholes (a c5 and a c6) and 2 combat sites. Not much to initially play with.

There were some locals actively out hunting the area last night – although not apparently aligned with the main groups. They (although it probably was one person) were flying a Daredevil and a Kitsune. That would be a frustrating combination!


A ship I am using in the pocket which will also frustrate some

There has been a hell of a lot of interesting things to link to or report on, but I’m not getting those posts finished. I’m spending more time playing than writing at the moment. CCP released another Scope video which advances the citadel storyline and was cool:


There was another one the other day about the new destroyers:


They also outlined how the ships will get dirty and how you can clean them (plus the killmarks, which isn’t likely to inpact me, aside appearing on other player’s hulls). I think the technology is pretty cool.


The last o7 Episode (11) is also available here:


It was an odd episode which said a lot but little at the same time. Best go over to the EVE Update sites for the quite substantial list of changes coming in December:


13 new hulls alone is notable, along with plenty of visual updates such hit and module effects, the kill marks and hull wear and rust as mentioned above, missile disruptors and more. The next iteration of the Crimson Harvest will also start – called Operation Frostline with new twists, more variety, and loot drops never seen before.

I read someone seriously complaining the other day about the lack of changes CCP is making to the game.

One thought on “Tenuous

  1. Thera isn’t bad, well… It can be camped but it hasn’t been bad as of late. And we Signaleers try to keep the signatures current. Just make some safes as Thera itself is huge (over 300km across).

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