Lag and salting the earth

Somehow I get to do the kids morning routines and then watch them every weekend morning while my wife sleeps in. This might sound like I’m nice – but it is closer to being foolish given I watch the kids most mornings on work days, public holidays, when my wife has a day off, or when I have a day off. From what I understand when I dare raise this inequity, she has forevermore got the right to sleep in because she breastfed the kids overnight or something.

Anyway – on the weekend I will log into EVE, but I don’t tend to undock or do much until my wife finally gets up. Today was no different.

When I logged into my Null home there was another pilot in system who soon docked up.

They remained docked up for quite some time, but I paid them no attention while I busied myself with real life interjected with a quick check of contracts here, and shuffling some supplies there.

At some random point I decided I would undock in an Astero and sit cloaked in space, ready for when I could do something (which was to check for wormholes). The other pilot was still in station at the time. After clicking undock there was an abnormally long blank screen, during which I could hear some odd client noises then the low shield warning. The client finally returned to me and I was scrammed and quickly heading towards death. I clicked on dock, damage control and overheated my repairer, and was accepted back into the station with a slither of hull left.


I’m not sure if the guy was just lucky, or had sat there with his finger over the undock button for a considerable amount of time – but he had managed to undock his Svipul, lock and start shooting me, between the time I hit undock and saw space.

I had my Alt logged off in space in a Falcon and plenty of PVP ships in the station, however I was mindful of my son downloading a 6GB game off Steam – which I assume caused my long undock delay – so I remained in station.

Again – at some random and fairly long time later once my family had left for Church, I logged my Falcon Alt in. Within 30 seconds the other pilot had undocked in a Cynabal to sniff around.

Very lucky indeed.

I looked at his killboard and checked out the ships he usually flew. Most were actively tanked. I checked the motely mix of ships I had collected so far, but they were only stock standard buffer fits. I am not very good in PVP situations, especially if I am trying to dual box. My Alt is a get out of Jail Card, not a part of a hunting team. I could probably undock in one of my cruisers and drag him off station – then uncloak the Falcon. Given the speed of his ship (which he had kindly showed my Alt when flying around) and the fact he actively tanks, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that I could both tank and then kill him before he docked or managed to kill both of us off.

So I gave the guy game content – by leaving my accounts logged in while I started to wrap Christmas presents. He remained docked.

Later still I had to go Christmas shopping, so I logged my Alt off and left my main docked. Many hours later I returned and when I remembered I was still logged in, I found he was too. I left my account there and headed off to do housework. Now I am watching the cricket and running around on another Alt. My account is still logged in, as is his.

I can imagine some of the bloggers I read jumping up and down and saying here was a golden opportunity – someone willing to fight! I should have taken it – especially as I wouldn’t have known the outcome.  Instead I’ve gone the passive aggressive path.

I expect this is not the pilots normal pattern – and I assume like me, he is AFK thinking he might be impacting my play while – like me towards him, not doing so.  I suspect we will both still be docked when downtime comes around.

In the meanwhile I re-checked each of the carrier options and then  picked up a full set of BPC’s to make an Archon Carrier.  I’ll move them down to Null and very slowly over time make the bits and pieces as I get the materials.  I am not too convinced that I’ll succeed, but we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Lag and salting the earth

  1. Instalocking rupture/muginn sitting on an undock is a fairly terrifying prospect…. add any delay in loading (and an unwise click) and you’re toast if you’re in something small.

    Must have some cat DNA somewhere there 🙂

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