RL greater than EVE

I haven’t been able to do much in EVE over the last week. My wife has been out three nights; with the Church Sunday School Teachers for coffee and dessert, two of her Sisters to see a show, and a Mothers Group dinner. Tonight she is going out to a School Mums Group dinner. Two further nights were taken up by the kid’s School concert, which had the Mother in Law stay one evening and my Parents stay another. I lost this Saturday’s session as I had to take my Daughter to a birthday party, and I lost Sunday’s session to another kid’s birthday party. There hasn’t been much downtime left over.

Some EVE players might wonder why I mentioned that. It seems to have nothing to do with EVE. Those with kids however will understand – your EVE experience is very much shaped by what happens to you outside of the game.

I am about to start my last week in my current job. After almost 4 weeks of silence my micro-managing passive aggressive and topic ignorant boss has finally panicked about my impending departure. She suddenly organised for me to run three two-hour video conferencing sessions to India based staff, either while I would normally be picking up my kids from school, or between 8 and 10pm at night. When I declined she was none too pleased, but instead of sitting down to work out a compromise she showed petulant and ineffective aggression. While I found her annoying, I was indifferent to her tactics. In the end she backed down, so I offered up some conciliatory concessions. It did reinforce my initial perception of her as a fair-weather manager, and someone you should not entirely trust.

It will be interesting to see what impact having time off will have on my relationship with EVE. Will I suddenly find myself playing more, or might it have the opposite effect.


The patch notes for the December release are available. I’ve copied them into OneNote and highlighted bits that will impact my game or that I will need to investigate. There is a lot there.

2 thoughts on “RL greater than EVE

    • An unfortunately relevant question given the statistics. It is not something I go out of my way to check. (A good friend of mine was a serial cheater in his first marriage – and it would take a fair level of mistrust, invasive monitoring and stress to uncover the various things he did to hide his activities.) My wife does however almost always get tagged in photos on social media on those nights.

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