BB70 – I’ve been good this year

BB 70 – Dear CCP Santa, All I want for my EVE Christmas is..

A variety of things flew across my mind when I first saw this Blog Banter – a reason for me to use the Rorqual, a reason to use the Bowhead, a reason to open the captain’s quarters, or any one of the dozens of things I’ve mentioned over the years in this blog.

But in the end it came down to a simple and oft repeated request. I would like more tabs for my overview. Please. I know it should be possible – there were ways you could do it yourself in earlier years.


If CCP Santa thought I was really good this year, I wouldn’t mind also being able to colour code the overview tabs. Again I know that is possible as I see other players doing it on YouTube videos. It would be nice if it was supported within the client.

*EDIT* This is actually easy enough to do – Google is your friend.  You just use the HTML color tag around the tab names.  You can also use bold, italic and underline, possibly more.

Last of all, if CCP Santa thought I was really, really good this year, I wouldn’t mind the notion of inheritance being introduced to Tab Presets. Currently it is painful maintaining every tab preset individually, such as when new ships are introduced. It would be nice to be able to set up a template which other tabs automatically inherit from, so that for things I want to see on every tab, I only need to make the change once.


Wishing you a merry EVEmas.

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