I haven’t felt inclined to suffer the competitiveness and conflict of EVE over the last week, so I’ve spent a couple sessions undocked mining in the relative safety of a Skiff. On and off I had the company of an industrious new player who came and went in a Venture mining frigate. I carefully placed myself at the opposite end of the belt we shared, and we spoke no words, but I felt more of a connection to that unknown person than I do to the more boisterous and conceited of the power players.

This morning I had the pleasure of reading CCP’s latest (and in my opinion fantastic) Chronicle:


I’m not a lore aficionado, but it was one of those documents which nicely pulled together information from books, previous chronicles and the in game storylines. A Jove cruiser generating its own wormhole, discussions of the Talocan, the Jove Stasis Faction, and the nature of Anoikis. Well worth a read if EVE is more than just a bunch of game mechanics to you.

2 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Ashterothi, Lockefox and Phyredian must be just about beside themselves. Can’t wait for the next Hydrostatic Podcast.

    Merry Christmas Hermit. All the best to you and yours 🙂

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