Throwing away the Worlds Best Dad Mugs

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday period.

I’ve not blogged much about EVE as I am not getting much of an opportunity to play. I’ve tried revisiting the implants used in my various clones, hunting for Frostline sites, and finally working out a fit for that Rorqual I’ve had laying around, but had little success.

I’ve mentioned in the past how difficult our daughter can be. While she is delightful and affectionate enough normally, be it very stubborn, she has absolutely out of control tantrums. Yesterday, six years old, standing in the middle of her trashed room, body taunt with intense rage, fists clenched, eyes bulging, teeth bared and with spit flying, she told me in the purest venomous hatred how she was going to stab us all to death.

To know – without a shadow of a doubt, that she would have tried if she had a knife at hand was one of the worst moments I’ve had as a parent.

She threw four full tantrums yesterday. That one was over a lost game of Monopoly or an argument with her brother about the rules of Downball. Maybe it was when she was asked to brush her teeth.  I’m not sure which. We thought we were mostly on top of it, but apparently not. Back to the Pediatricians, Psychologists and Therapists. EVE will have to wait.

I have been watching some TV shows as they are easy to pause. I’m really enjoying The Expanse at the moment.