Plugging in good and bad percentages

As I remarked, I’ve tried to spend time recently reviewing the implants I am using across my characters. It is a task I’ve started and stopped over the years, but never finish. There are a mix of reasons – having some 35 different clones to update across my accounts, the time it takes to swap between each one, and the complexity in the choices available.

I’ve been using EFT to check effectiveness.  You expand the Boosters\Implants section for a ship fitting, and drag and drop implants into it from the equipment bar.  (You can do the same in Pyfa.)  As I’ve gone through my spreadsheets and notes I was hit by just how big, or how little, difference these things can make.



Above I was looking at increasing my Sensor Strength on my Golem against the Guristas Jams, and was looking at the Talon Implant sets.

My current Golem fit has a Sensor Strength of 16.8

A complete Low-Grade Talon Implant Set (Alpha to Omega) would cost around 80M ISK and increase the Sensor Strength to 25.2.

The offset to using Low-Grade would be that they only provide +2 bonuses to my training attributes.  I could instead use the more expensive High-Grade implants, which would increase that to +4.

The High-Grade Talon Implant Set (Alpha to Omega) would cost around 447M and increase sensor strength to 29.5.

Now to put that into perspective – I could alternatively fit one ECCM Gravimetric II for the cost of 1M ISK and some tank, and would end up with a Sensor Strength of 32.9.

Based on bang for your ISK, you might discount this implant set for PVE.  Things do however get more interesting when you add both implants and modules – the complete High-Grade set and one ECCM give a Sensor strength of 57.8, substantially higher than the 16.8 default.

When reviewing there are a whole heap of implants that – when you plug them in and look at the statistics, just can’t be justified.

Then there are some which really punch above their weight. The EE-602 (+2% CPU for 6M) and EE-603 (+3% CPU for 20M) allow me to squeeze all sorts of my favourite fits onto a Hull.

Speaking of Hull – there are also implants that only work in certain circumstances

MC-803 adds 3% hull. For the most common ship I fly – the confessor, that equates to 67 EHP for a 2.5M spend. That is certainly not worth it.

There are three ships however that I primarily hull tank. The MC-803 adds 324 EHP to my Retriever, 10,528 EHP to my Orca, and 63,282 EHP to my Rorqual. Those are all quite reasonable increases for such a relatively cheap spend.