Hold on

I was watching the latest o7 show yesterday ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maVjcmXuMUw ), and they had a segment on the new Fighter Control Interface in development.  The example was shown via a camera recording a computer monitor – as you can see in the capture below:


The Inventory Window had a long list of ship hold types down one side.  Obviously there isn’t a ship in game with that mix of holds, and I don’t expect we will see one in the future.  They would all be visible as part of CCP’s development work / testing.  Most of these I am already familiar with, but in addition to the Ship Hold and the Industrial Ship Hold were Small Ship, Medium Ship and Large Ship Holds.  That could add interesting dynamics to hulls used to haul fitted ships.  Or might we see Fighter squadrons launched and controlled from Citadels, which might have a mix of holds like that?  Just an idle thought.

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