The Waiters

I finished collecting the carrier fit into the one location. Between moving the old fits, picking up new items from all over the place (thanks to eve-central) and extra caution on the values I hauled, it took an inordinate amount of time. It was a sort of engaging process, but hard to explain to a non-eve player. It certainly wouldn’t make for a good EVE game trailer.

I am going to have to wait for a fortuitous Wormhole chain to get it all down into my NPC 0.0 Home. Probably more than one. That could take quite a while.

Again there were active Gankers on the trade route to and around Jita. I don’t normally see them as consistently as I have over the last week. It makes me wonder if it is an organised / concerted effort. However, I haven’t flown much over the last month or so – so maybe this is the new norm.

Feeling somewhat productive when that task was complete, I jumped down to 0.0. I searched the entire constellation for travel routes back to Hi-Sec, but only found the one wormhole to a C5 which I did not explore further. There seem to be a lot less wormhole connections in Null-Sec than I usually find in High-Sec.

I am finding the NPC 0.0 area busier than when I first moved in. Initially I had the place almost to myself, but after a while I kept seeing regular pilots from one Alliance turning up during my morning sessions. I knew from their behaviour and killboard that they were happy to target Explorers, so I have to be cautious around them. Cautious means waiting for them to move on or log off.

More recently pilots from a different alliance have started turning up during my evening sessions. Again I know from observation that some of them camp Exploration sites, so again I find myself regularly waiting.

Yesterday’s session was particularly unsatisfying – I was logged in for many hours across the day, but ended up with minimal opportunities to interact with stuff in space while I waited, and waited, for cloaked pilots to dock or move on or log off. At one point I was sitting cloaked 200km off a Data site for so long that it disappeared from my scanner list then the cans all exploded.

I guess I could have risked running sites regardless, but I knew they had them scanned and bookmarked, and I am just not inclined to give away my kill mails so freely. It is however the negative of playing a solo Carebear game in 0.0. If you want to operate out of a system with a station, it isn’t just a case of logging in and doing something when you want. You have to wait for your opportunities.

I could just leave my Main Alt there, and use them when the opportunity exists, but otherwise stay in Hi-Sec with my Main. It makes sense – that Alt has 171M SP and like my main, is a perfect skilled Explorer. I’m not sure if it is just me though, but I never really use any of my Alts except in direct support of my Main.

I did try to collect some of my market and contract purchases. Unfortunately, three systems out and in pipe I had no choice but to travel through I stumbled across a couple dozen Goons. That put a stop to that idea. I’ll have to wait and try again. There is lots of waiting in 0.0…