A camera not so flash

I am about to head to bed, but I thought I would try the new Camera Controls updated with the latest release.

I’ve tested them before, and while they had some gimmicky value, I did not find them as smooth or as efficient as the original ones.

CCP has now turned them on by default (although they give you a choice to opt-out).  I figured I’d give them another go.

Excuse the French, but what the fuck.

The old camera was consistent and – well, reliable.  The new camera zooms and swoops and settles on objects in a theatrical way that frankly feels unnecessary.

The way it offsets itself on your ship is odd – you can’t do a quick visual alignment for D-Scanning.

The way you track objects now is – frankly, shithouse.  The original camera you just turned on tracking and then selected objects in the overview.  Want to track a new object – just select it in the overview and you would swing around to it.  It was quick and easy to D-Scan a series of moons, belts and what not.  Now it seems you have to select the object in the overview, then select the track icon in the selected item panel.  Want to track something new?  Select it in the overview and then again click on the track icon in the item panel.  Why require this double step now?  It is a step backwards.

If I read it correctly, tracking now won’t follow a warping object.  I’ll have to test it – but if it works as it reads, it takes more functionality out of the camera settings.

I’ll have to re-read the Dev blogs, I assume I must be missing things.  That will have to wait until I go back to Hi-Sec, as I de-cloaked myself twice in 0.0 space with hostiles around trying to put the new camera through its paces.

I’ve Opted out for now – although annoyingly the tracking isn’t working at all with the old camera.  I presume / hope that should be fixed by a restart of the client.

As you might be able to tell from my unusual language, I’m finding the situation a little aggravating.  Maybe it is just me – and people prefer this new change.