I undocked the other day in my Loki to find someone hadn’t put it together properly.


It was a graphic bug introduced in the February release, and fixed shortly after.

I missed the fact my blog turned 5 years old in January. I can probably be excused for the oversight; my daughter was undoubtedly throwing a tantrum or seven on that day. I have made 766 posts and uploaded some 530 odd images so far. I’m not sure from a Geek perspective if that is commendable or lame. I do acknowledge that this blog has helped keep me in the right frame of mind to be able to continue playing EVE for so long.

I’d be surprised if I was still blogging about EVE in 5 years. I am still certainly enjoying the game, but I know there is a subconscious element of hanging out for my 10-year anniversary in September. I’ll probably have to reassess what I am playing for at that time.

(I hope my wife isn’t in that frame of mind about our 20-year wedding anniversary coming up later this year.)

Another thing that had a birthday (strange I even noticed) was my Alliance, which turned 3 years old. I’ve never had a random person remark on its name – or that of my Corp for that matter. The invisibility cloak of the Solo Carebear.