I undocked the other day in my Loki to find someone hadn’t put it together properly.


It was a graphic bug introduced in the February release, and fixed shortly after.

I missed the fact my blog turned 5 years old in January. I can probably be excused for the oversight; my daughter was undoubtedly throwing a tantrum or seven on that day. I have made 766 posts and uploaded some 530 odd images so far. I’m not sure from a Geek perspective if that is commendable or lame. I do acknowledge that this blog has helped keep me in the right frame of mind to be able to continue playing EVE for so long.

I’d be surprised if I was still blogging about EVE in 5 years. I am still certainly enjoying the game, but I know there is a subconscious element of hanging out for my 10-year anniversary in September. I’ll probably have to reassess what I am playing for at that time.

(I hope my wife isn’t in that frame of mind about our 20-year wedding anniversary coming up later this year.)

Another thing that had a birthday (strange I even noticed) was my Alliance, which turned 3 years old. I’ve never had a random person remark on its name – or that of my Corp for that matter. The invisibility cloak of the Solo Carebear.

2 thoughts on “Unseen

  1. One wonderful result of Eve’s purposely designed player centeredness is how the space created ends up being what we make of it. Accordingly, we decide if five years of Eve Hermit is commendable or lame. I choose commendable.

  2. Congrats on the milestones. I suspect it’s the community and the blogs that very much help keep us involved. Especially over so many years. Two things that have been keeping crossing my thoughts: after so long it is natural for ebbs and flows to occur with the amount of time we play the game, and that I could not justify having additional accounts during a serious ebb.

    I was oddly enough (it is my time after all) feeling guilty about not playing EvE all that much, which I guess shows how invested I’ve been, but bit the bullet and shifted a couple of high skill alts between accounts and unsubbed two.

    Much happier in the knowledge of how things are and in the knowledge I can reactivate if I wish. And yes, that 10 year anniversary comes up for me next year. If I’m very lucky (and very cautious) I might just get to Iceland again for FF.

    P.S I like my invisibility cloak. Bloody useful at times 🙂

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