Almost weathertight

I revisited the Citadel Prototype construction site in Anjedin after the patch notes suggested the sites had been updated.


I was glad to see CCP did this. I imagine it would have “wasted” a bit of the art departments time creating it, but I think it was worth it. It was interesting flying around it, getting a feel for its size and look.


I hadn’t thought about it before, but anchoring one of those for yourself might give you a bigger gut reaction than a POS does.

One of the excuses CCP has used on updating the in-game camera was that the old one would not work properly with the sizes of the Citadels. It seemed to work fine for me on initial viewing.  (Too snarky?)

The new camera worries me. CCP have been responding to concerns – you can now toggle tracking using [SHIFT][C], and you can D-Scan by using [V]{clicking on an object}, which improves its usability. However – it doesn’t change the fundamental issue – it just looks and feels wrong.

I put some video together to show the difference between tracking with the old camera and tracking with the new. It is not a direct comparison as the new camera includes off horizon objects and is zoomed in closer to the ship, but it metaphorically shows how I feel between the old (smooth and consistent) and the new (jarring and all over the place).



For me part of the game is about its visuals, and when those are messed up for you, the game is messed up.

I suspect however I might be in the minority with my complaints. The feedback thread on the EVE Forums has gone relatively quiet, which I expect CCP will take as approval to switch. Maybe if you don’t use tracking / d-scan much, and zoom out, it doesn’t bother you. I do encourage you to give constructive feedback – either negatively or positively, here:

I got a warning yesterday from EVEMon that my main account was about to expire – so I added 12 months to my subscription. That will take me past the 10-year mark. I was then going to unsubscribe last night – just to ensure the account would not automatically renew next year.  That is a logical move – I need to carefully consider my options at that point in time.  However – while my rational mind will probably win in the long run, last night my heart wasn’t ready to take that first tiny step.