Where are the wormholes

There was a EVE meeting in Nottingham this weekend. There were a couple photos from CCP’s presentations on my twitter feed which were interesting.



The first shows the new Carrier fighter controls, which appears to include modules you can toggle on and off for each flight.



The second are changes to Watch Lists. Unless both parties have each other watch-listed, you will not be notified when another player logs in or out. That makes me a little sad as I tend to use Watch-Lists all the time to monitor local pirates, but in all honesty the change makes sense. I can see how it makes EVE safer and more dangerous at the same time.

(Should be interesting to see if anyone I watch-list is watching me..)

Otherwise I had an usually productive day in Null.

It started with scanning down the constellation for Wormholes – but unfortunately not finding any. I branched further afield, but also had no luck.

I then set out to collect three hulls that I had picked up off contract, spread around the place and including a mining barge and a battleship. I managed to get all three back to my home constellation without incident, including moving the battleship from a staging system of a well-known PVP alliance.

I then set about clearing the Data and Relic sites I’d come across while looking for wormholes. There were pilots online and moving about during the process. I’m normally very cautious, but the pilots were from an Alliance I have flagged as Neutral, and from observation, view as unlikely to hunt me unless I make myself a particularly obvious target.

Finally, when that was all done I figured I would do some mining. I then realised my newly collected barge lacked suitable crystals, and I couldn’t buy any off the market. Another day maybe.

Another successful session avoiding in game interactions.

3 thoughts on “Where are the wormholes

  1. >>Another successful session avoiding in game interactions


    Just found your blog. Encouraging to find another casual,solo player from Australia.

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