Out with the old – Someone else can do it

In a couple hours CCP will be shutting down EVElopedia at https://wiki.eveonline.com/.


They didn’t give much notice.

While the Wiki was out of date, Google searches often landed me at the site when I was looking for EVE answers. I found it useful.

In a move that I find odd, CPP now recommend using third party wikis, specifically at EVE University ( http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Main_Page ) and Brave Newbies ( https://wiki.braveineve.com/ ). They are entrusting a very important player resource to third parties.

The static data served by EVElopedia is still available via CREST – but unless you dabble in programming and have some spare time, you are again going to have to rely on a third party to access it.

I’m not sure that is entirely the right approach to take.

I did want to grab some data from the wiki – such as information on COSMOS sites.

CCP is allowing you to download a SQL dump of the wiki. I grabbed that on Saturday, installed MySQL, and imported it ok. While the table structure is relatively simple, the data you want to access / search is in BLOBs. I decided extracting the data in a useful format would take much more time than I was willing to put into it.

I then figured I would just cut and paste the pages of particular interest, and dump them into my EVE OneNote file. It turned out there were more pages of interest than I expected, and I spent more time doing this than I am willing to admit.

Finally I wondered why I didn’t just look at some of the myriad of tools that allow you to download websites to read offline. A quick Google search and I installed the first open source software returned (HTTrack). A couple quick tests, and I then managed to grab copies of the Anomalies, Data, Relic, DED, Exploration, Escalations and Gas sites, and all the Mission pages.  All told there would be well over 1,000 pages.  If I made mistakes or missed something, I won’t have time to go back and grab them again.  While I will now use one of the third party wiki’s, at least I have a local repository to work off.  Interestingly going through this process flagged a ton of content I have never run, and will have to look into.

7 thoughts on “Out with the old – Someone else can do it

  1. Honestly, I don’t know where the game is headed.

    Clearly not in my direction.

    It’s a good/great game which imho brings out all of the ‘ends’ of people, the good end and the bad end, and those ends combine to make a unique environment, a game, a habit, a place to hang, …

    … but, wow. I’m only a newb compared to some, Sept 09 my first character came to ‘life’. I’ve been subscribed ever since, across 3 accounts and 7 characters, but, but, jeez, I don’t want to say it’s all getting too hard, but it’s all getting too ‘samey’, just not sure of “same as what?”.

    I read your posts, (among others), and there’s a disturbing trend here.

    I hope there’s a long term plan at CCP that I’m missing, I really do. I don’t mind ‘not fitting’ quite in the paradigm of Eve Online, i’m an antisocial bastard at the best of times and tend to roam solo in the game, but I just don’t want CCP to make a breathtakingly stupid decision which ends up with the servers getting switched off and sold at auction, and a monument to players of some weird game in Iceland being an odd tourist attraction for a few years until it’s bulldozed by the Council.

    Anyways, whiney ranty comment over, back to cleaning a machine at work before RL downtime.

    … your posts are good btw (‘great’ sounds a bit fanboy)


    • Something does seem a little off at the moment with CCP. I am not talking financially – from recent reports EVE shouldn’t be suffering from a sudden death any time soon. Maybe they are too focused on the next expansion, or holding back / hoarding information until Fanfest? Has there been a cultural shift in the company from the staff turnover and changes? Have they been burnt and hurt by the trolling they are lambasted with? Are they gun-shy after the somewhat lacklustre results of some recent changes such as to Sov? Is there just not enough new blood in the game and the bitter vets are weighing it down?

      Whatever it is, I don’t get the feeling CCP are currently as enthused or as on the ball as they can be. I don’t think the situation is dire, but it can be easier than normal to be swept up by negativity.

      Thanks for the comment and positive feedback, appreciated.

  2. Wasn’t there some scandal a couple of years back whereby a player updated the wiki, making themselves a “trusted person”. Then preceded to scam capital ship trades?

    So I can see why CCP would be reluctant trust the player base to be “fair and honest” in maintaining it. This will just be another third party service, inline with ship fitting, skill queue management, the market overview and maps. And third party services do not cost CCP a bean.

    • I had forgotten about that scandal.

      I personally think CCP should have maintained and updated the wiki themselves – having it as a formal part of the update / patch / expansion process to feed in changes.

      With 3rd party wikis, CCP have no real control over what is in them, or if they are managed well. Are they being backed up? Can one person have a dummy spit and take domain names or hosting or servers away without notice? Can they be hacked and malicious code inserted? What happens if the wiki managers stop playing EVE, or have a fall out or even EULA issues with CCP?

      A single reliable wiki seems to be an important thing for a game like EVE. CCP’s approach to outsource it to the community comes with risk – which could end up costing them more long term. Hopefully not, but it is a possibility.

  3. Hello there!

    I had not seen the news about the wiki being discontinued before reading that post on your blog, and it was already too late to run Httrack… So, the question is, would you mind uploading an archive of what you managed to backup?

    I’d be greatly thankful for that, since because i help manage a PvP school corp, i often need to point newer players to PvE resources for them to generate more ISKs, to allow them to loose more ships…

    Well, thank you anyway for the time invested in your nice blog, and good luck sailing the dangerous places of New Eden.


      • Hello there! Just saw your later post. Thank your very much for reuploading it, it will lighten a lot the technical burden it would have been to go through the CCP DB dump, before making it available to our newbros. (Well, still going to do that part because there were a few interesting articles, like the crimewatch one, etc, but it will be done much later.)



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