Sorry but

I’ve not been playing much this week. It is not through lack of trying – it just seems that EVE hasn’t been available or I get issues like this when I try:


I see people logged on, but the EVE Status feed on Twitter will tend to report that they are investigating log on issues for some players. Unfortunately that “some players” reference seems to include me. The move to new hardware and datacentre don’t seem to like me.

In the past I’d have been grumpy about it, nowadays I just shrugging and moving on to something else to do.


There was an interesting forum tip with regards this type of error:

Run the launcher, click on the E symbol next to the minimise and close buttons (top right), and select Server List.  You can then apparently click “Play on Tranquility” to get a client window up to directly log in instead of having to log in via the buggy launcher.

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