Forcing it to fit

If there is one thing that annoys me about CCP, it is their habit of trying to force people to play EVE in a certain way.  It spits in the face of the sandbox.

As I have already remarked, I don’t see any value so far in Citadels for my style of play. They are frankly indefensible bar for a few groups in game.

CCP has put out some initial suggested NPC station changes to make it easier for Citadel owners to profit from making services available to the public. On initial view it seems very much like a nerf to NPC stations to try and force players to use Citadels:

In particular, an increase from 100K to 5M ISK to install a new jump clone in an NPC station – and an increase from Free to 5M ISK every time you jump to another clone, leaving the old clone in an NPC station. I use jump clones all the time to move between regions and into and out of Null. If I jump my Main and Alt into Null sec for a couple of days, then out to Hi-Sec for a couple of days, then across to my Mission running clones for a couple of days –I’ll end up spending 30M ISK in jump fees.  A sort of disincentive to move around and play the game.

I could use a Citadel – but last time I read you lose your clones if it is destroyed, or if the owner decides to remove the Clone module (deliberately or by mistake).

Further – if you want to use the markets in NPC stations, transaction taxes will increase from 1.5 to 2.5%, and broker fees from 1 to 5-6%. That is a huge impact if you turn over any sort of volume on the market.

I could use a Citadel – but again you are at the whim of the Citadel owner.

But then I read this:

So CCP have come up with some arbitrary cost to run a Citadel with certain services.  To try and make those made up numbers work for Citadel owners, they are going to nerf all NPC stations.  Errr – CCP, your numbers are made up, fricken change them so they work, without nerfing the game of every player who doesn’t intend to use your Citadels, because, well, sandbox.