I don’t like having a run of negative posts – but what the hell was CCP thinking with the ship destroyed gong!?!?


I honestly thought it was a troll when I first heard about it – but no, there it was when I logged in, horrendously annoying and without an apparent off switch.  How was that ever allowed into the game?  That is just appalling.

The other thing I noticed immediately upon logging in was that the new camera had been switched back on.  You could tell straight away.  I gave it another go – and while it is still inferior in feel and operation to the old camera, it was working better.  Automatic tracking in particular is much improved, with cleaner movement between each object selected – although it could actually be slowed down some now.  I still don’t think much of the zoom, but at least generally the camera didn’t seem to have as much of a mind of its own.

I don’t have a full review however as the game client was iffy so I gave up playing after a short while.  I had strange notable periods of the client freezing when I tried to jump through Gates.  When I was allowed to jump I’d have the gate launch forward and away from my ship, instead of my ship flying through it.  Once in a warp tunnel or passing through a planet there seemed to be a strange spiral motion.  When you came out of warp or on the other side of a gate the objects around you seemed to jarringly reposition into place.  (This last one is on the issues list.)

It just wasn’t a pleasant experience so I docked up.  I’ll wait for a patch or two.  As it is, almost all my ship fittings need to be reviewed with the mass of module changes – and that will need to wait for EFT to be updated.



All I can say is thank god!

7 thoughts on “Gong

  1. I will echo the usual response people give when there is an audio issue, “EVE has sound?”

    That said, I am not too keen with the changes to the targeting reticles on the screen. The whole going red with a big cross through them seems like a bit too much… visual version of the “Bong!” sound… and they are now awkwardly slow to update compared to the pre-patch versions. Change will annoy.

    I noticed the new camera was switched on again as well. It seemed to behave better for me, but I was just online running a couple of anoms last night, which didn’t stress any aspect of that… though that is where the reticle problem came up. When you’re salvaging 50 wrecks with a Noctis, you want to be able to re-target quickly.

    • I didn’t notice a particular performance issue – but I wasn’t salvaging and gave up after a couple of sites when I found the noise too annoying. It is nice to see that CCP is reversing the sound – but it still leaves the question on why they thought it was a good idea to put it in in the first place.

      • Thinking about it a bit, I do wonder if my performance issue was related to the code having to go out and play that sound even when I was salvaging wrecks. It did all the other wacky new coloring and flashing bits.

  2. I’ve had a run of odd socket closed and, as mentioned, issues with session changes on gates too. That and the periodic crashes when logging on. Has affected one of my accounts particularly, and another not at all. It’s not helping.

    • I was seeing something similar a couple weeks back. The client seemed to be shutting down regularly on me, but only when I was logged into a specific account. My main never had a problem, but one alt just couldn’t stay online. I haven’t had him on enough recently to see if it is still an issue.

    • Logically that sort of error makes no sense – but I’ve seen the same thing. I’ve turned on logging in the new launcher a few times, and noticed things like sporadic certificate errors on one account and not the other. You can clear accounts and re-log in which occasionally helps. Sometimes clearing the cache and resetting the overview can help – although it is annoying to set up again and put up with all the resource downloads. Other times it makes no difference and then miraculously, sometimes after a patch, sometimes for no apparent reason, the problems go away. I kind of hope they get the crash reports and that alerts CCP to a common problem. Not sure if I am putting too much faith in the process or not. It always leaves me slightly worried about what happens if it doesn’t get better.. how will CCP support investigate such illogical behaviour.

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