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Someone asked me to make available the EVE Wiki web pages I had downloaded for offline reading, just before it was taken offline.  That was done and since removed.  I hope the people who had downloaded got some value from it.

Just a couple more comments about some of my recent complaints.

My launcher seems to be back to working ok.

The client seems more stable (the nVidia driver crashes seem to have stopped) and moving around seems less buggy, but I still have very long blank screens at times when logging in or undocking. I’ve kept away from Null Sec that is the sort of thing which will get you killed.

I read somewhere this morning (and embarrassingly can’t find where) that the 5M ISK jump clone cost is now penciled in to be 900K ISK. That’s an improvement.

I also read this interesting blog post:

I had thought people would not use Hi-Sec Citadel markets due to the risks, but issues around ranged orders, access and how items appear on the market seemingly make it even less likely. If Citadels are more about Corp or Alliance markets, why introduce the big tax increases? To remove more ISK from the game?

I am glad the gong upon ship kills has been turned off.  There still seems to be an unnecessary long delay at times before the target icons shuffle up/across once a target has been destroyed.

Last of all I’ve used the latest update of the new camera – with all the options turned off, for a couple of game sessions. I haven’t tested it in Null Sec (where I use tracking and D-Scan all the time), but in normal moving and PVE efforts in Hi-Sec it now seems workable. I still don’t like it as much as the old camera – it is just not as smooth, but at least I don’t feel the strong urge to dock up and log off.

One thought on “Follow Ups

  1. Thanks for the link to the resource. I didn’t have time when the site went down (pity I have crap internet for the next 3 months due to a busted undersea cable but it will download eventually)

    Thanks even more for introducing me to starexplorer’s blog. I did not know of it and it has been around for a while.

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