Rush of the landless

The latest o7 show is available here:

They had an interesting time-lapse of the CCP cafeteria at lunch. I found myself watching for the Hermit diners who ate by themselves.

There was an announcement of the winners for the Crest / API Developer Challenge. I look forward to the DEV Blog so I can check some of the apps out. I do feel uneasy at the idea some of the cooler things EVE related rely on 3rd parties who can come and go, and also requires you to install lots of little applications.

There was an exchange between representatives of both sides of the anti-Imperium war, which I cringed at. Of most interest was the comment that only three of the 50 odd alliances attacking the Imperium held space. All those PVP focused alliances who do not view contestable space as worth having. That’s a problem.

They flagged some interesting new permanent PVE content – although again mostly not with solo pilots in mind. There will be pirate capitals in some NPC Null sites and belts, and even the chance of finding pirate Titans. They are also changing capital escalations in wormhole space, with much of the ISK value now to be tied up in one Drifter Boss that can be worth around 350M ISK and is the toughest NPC in the game yet. These Drifters will also warp out if you don’t point them, will hang around in the system for a period of time, and will help each other if you let others go using the new Drifter AI.  Rather cool, but nothing I am ever likely to see for myself.

Last of note will be the introduction of a Faction Super Citadel worth in excess of 100T ISK to build, with only one allowed to be anchored in space at any one time.  A sort of big boys focused toy.  I can see ways in which that idea / approach could backfire on CCP.

My ship fitting review continues slowly after the latest round of module teiricide changes. I have noticed I am replacing Damage Controls more often with DPS modules than Tanking modules. I also find the move from Modules to Sensor Booster Scripts for ECCM is quite well done. It is a big nerf for ECM given how much more prevalent Sensor Booster fits are, but even though I have perfect ECM skills on my two main characters, I don’t mind it.

6 thoughts on “Rush of the landless

  1. “Of most interest was the comment that only three of the 50 odd alliances attacking the Imperium held space. All those PVP focused alliances who do not view contestable space as worth having. That’s a problem.”

    Heh, but when somebody from The Imperium says there is something wrong with Fozzie Sov, those same alliances dismiss the notion out of hand. I’m actually kind of glad TEST showed up, they might actually try to keep some of the sov. Everybody else just wants to take it away but apparently has no plan for after that.

    • I expect they will want to put in a thunderdome – a bunch of smaller groups with a non-sov aggression pact having meaningless PVP together… The second worst idea outside of a sea of blues.

  2. Time lapse lunch was cool…

    The Crest API stuff is cool… like you not into a lot of small apps that get lost in time.

    World War Goon interests me from the content aspects, and that due to how it came about there really is now way to guess how it’s going to all pan out.. and those are the really fun ones!
    Even considering join up for a bit and try out nullTiDiwarplay just to say I was there…

    I was thrilled and a bit concerned at the changes to Anoikis sites, as one might well imagine. Keeping in mind that in C5/C6 sites 350m ISK for one ship is very high.We run C5’s (non-escalated) now w/ 4 Nestors, a Link Eos & 2 to 3 supporting Ishtars for added DPS. So 7 to 8 players,the last time we ran sites we ran like 5 or 6 sites, don’t remember exactly but I made 350m ISK for my cut alone…

    So, let’s say conservatively 5 sites / 8 players, so equal cuts of 350m x8= 2.8b /5= 560m ISK per site…
    So if the Drifter will now be worth 350m then all the rest will be worth only 210m? IE if for whatever reason you don’t kill the Drifter and you now lose more than half the sites value? Will these Drifters have the one-shot-super-weapon? Will they be as hard to kill as the one’s we have now? If yes this might make high end site running for smaller groups like our potentially much tougher.
    I know Fozzie said you will be able to kill them with subcaps, but I fear he is thinking of only those Anoikis groups that have capitols and can field middling-large subcap fleets… We live in a C4 but we can’t jump a Dread of Carrier (if we had any) reliably from C4 to C5/6 and back.

    But, like all things in EVE… you wait for the patchspansion to drop, then you adapt and overcome. =]

    • It is the capital escalation which will have the new Drifter, and it’s value will account for the majority of the reward of the escalation. Don’t use Capitals in Drifter sites and I assume you won’t see it.

      CCP indicated this Drifter would be the hardest NPC in the game. Not sure if it will have the super weapon or not. I expect if you have 7 to 8 players you should be able to take it down ok, but sometimes CCP’s idea of small group isn’t particularly small.

  3. It’s worth stating that that “3/55″ statistic is seriously wrong. It’s more like 10-15 , not 3.

    As for your analysis of it, consider that ~10 alliances are LS focussed, ~10 are NPC 0.0 focussed and the rest are from everywhere and anywhere. IMO, It’s hard to link that coherently with ” who do not view contestable space as worth having. That’s a problem”, at least in my opinion.

    • That’s fair enough to point out. I still think that those groups more focused on “elite combat” seem (far) less inclined to have Sov space of their own now.

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