The ISK Runneth over

The March Economic Report for EVE is out.

While I find these sorts of things interesting, when I sit down and really try to understand what I am looking at, sometimes all I end up with is a sore head and unanswered questions.

I did find this graph stood out.


The definition of the Velocity of money is the number of times 1 dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. More simply in this case I assume it means on average how often 1 ISK changes hand per month.

While it doesn’t particularly mean anything, a velocity of 0.5 a month is several times higher than the US economy average.

While is seems to have been on a downward trend over the last couple years, the huge spike in February of this year obviously relates to the release of skill injectors. It will be interesting to see if that Velocity returns to more traditional levels, and if it does, how long it takes.

It also reported that active ISK in the game reached around 970T ISK, with just under 200T in Corporation wallets and 770T in player wallets. That gives an indication of just what sort of ISK sink the Faction Citadel CCP mentioned might have if anyone tried to build it.  (I thought they said it would cost around 100T, but other players suggest around 200T).

The following graph is also going to be very interesting over time once Citadels are released:


I’m looking at you, Brokers Fee.  Obviously Citadel broker fees won’t be considered an ISK sink since it just gets transferred from players to other players.  Broker fees are however an indication of market value going through normal stations.  Once we have a new broker fee decided and the impact shown in this graph, moving forward changes might show if trade is moving out of normal stations or not.

2 thoughts on “The ISK Runneth over

  1. New Broker’s fee is 3.5% in Stations.

    Because Citadels need to be ‘competitive’, CCP is trying to give them a innate advantage so strong that people will use them or fear the consequences.

    I don’t think it will work, but it’s depressing to see.

    • About what I thought it would be, although I hadn’t know it was set in stone yet. I expect things will just be 3+% more expensive from stations instead of all moving to Citadels. We will have to wait and see.

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