For life

My daughter’s name is Grace. It is old fashioned, but so is her Brother’s name, and so is mine.

I am not sure I have ever mentioned it before, but her middle name relates in part to me playing EVE.

To pick a second name we created a spreadsheet with some of the first names we did not select, names from a brainstorm, a run through of a couple “top 100 names” lists on the web, and a look through our family trees.

There were surprisingly few middle names that flowed particularly well and that we were happy with. While not perfect, Evelyn was one of the names that seemed to work. It wasn’t a cool or trendy name, but it was repeated through multiple generations in my family tree, and as my wife pointed out, it had EVE in it.

So Grace Evelyn it was.

As it turned out, ironically Grace is about the last word you would use to describe our daughter.

2 thoughts on “For life

  1. Not sure if you ever would be interested in this, but I am part of a small online community (not Eve-related) of Dads/Husbands. It’s a place where you can rant and brag without having to worry about being PC, whch can be quite refreshing. It’s invitation only, if you would like to know more, my IGN is William Weatherwax.

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