We are thankfully coming up to the end of the school holidays here. Our seven-year-old daughter has again not coped well with the change of routine and has been very difficult. She has managed to rack up 3 completely out of control tantrums and half a dozen near misses, and lost access to her iPad and Laptop for a new record of 16 days straight due to her behaviour.

While I don’t pander to or give my daughter continuous attention, I have to be constantly alert to her movements and what she is up to, and be able to drop whatever I am doing to intercept or distract her. Playing EVE has been out of the question, so I’ve had to just read about it instead.

Something of a regular comment here is that when I do log in, I like to do some small little task that requires undocking. For a while it was Planetary Interaction, or shifting trade goods, or scanning down the sites in the local system, or now even just running one anomaly. I find that process of undocking greatly increases the chance I will have a productive EVE session, instead of just ship spinning for a while then logging off.


CCP has now announced that just after the Citadel release that a new daily rewards feature will hit tranquility. (It should be on Singularity to test next week.) You will get 10,000 SP in your unallocated pool the first time you kill an NPC ship each 22 hours.

Initially it will be per Character, and even work if they are not actively training skills. They will look to expand it afterwards to include things like mining or Data / Relic hacking. I guess that might depend on how successful this first iteration is.

Unsurprisingly there are some strong opinions to this – plenty of them negative.

It is nothing unique – almost every game I play has a daily reward aspect to it, either a dice roll or a spinning wheel for rewards, or a log in cash and gem reward, or tax or extractor collections are designed to max out within a day. They are focused on getting you to log in daily.

I go back to my earlier comment – that I find undocking greatly increases the chance of a longer more productive session, so overall I support this idea of CCPs. I think I might even get into the habit of doing it for 10K SP across my toons.

I’ve only been able to skim read through the reply thread on the EVE forum. I just get overly embarrassed at the petulance.  There are lots of posts calling CCP various forms of useless with no other feedback, which are ironically useless. A few complaints that people can’t be bothered logging in and undocking each of their characters, so it isn’t fair others who will undock might get an advantage over them. Some people rightly point out it won’t attract new players or bring back old ones. As I said above, I view it more as an encouragement to undock instead.

I hope it does end up increasing the in game activity a bit.

7 thoughts on “Undocking

  1. Actually, I quite like the idea. For the newer players it provides a pretty significant XP boost to skills with a lower multiplier and should help set certain behaviors for the longer term. Even for a non-training alt, it’s better than nothing at all. It’s a small nod to activity/participation. Whats not to like?

    • A great deal apparently if you follow the forum thread, although most of the complaints are of the “you are stupid CCP”, “no, serious no”, “what are you thinking” variety without detail.

      (And I don’t really call “it will be the ruination of the game”, “it destroys the sandpit”, “it is not fair if you have lots of accounts”, detail.)

      Having said that – it seems 85% against in the threat at the moment. In this case I hope CCP doesn’t listen to the loudest (and as I usually suspect minority) of players. They put in SP extraction and injection despite the carry on.

  2. Frankly, I prefer this kind of mechanism for SP bonuses to the skill injector system. Injectors are too instant, which (for me) breaks a key part of Eve’s feel, which is the need for patience.

  3. I like the idea because I agree it is an incentive to undock and do something.
    How about 10K SP for the first ship kill but only half that if it’s an NPC ship?
    Sure easily exploited but warping to a high sec belt to kill the most simple rat is just as easy.

    Now I have to retrain those lobotomized combat skills that I removed from all but two of my characters…

    • And about those players that feel entitled to those skillpoints but complain they might not have the same dedication as others to logging in each day… Just one of many things wrong with much of my generation or younger.

      • I’m not sure it is a problem with a particular generation. I see too many examples from all ages of this unfathomable sense of entitlement.

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