Shifts in Space

While I don’t tend to remark on it, I do listen to what goes on in the greater world of EVE Null Sec politics. It is of course full of propaganda that you have to take with a grain of salt, but within that are the more personal dramas and stories that remind you why this game is great.

I’ve been noticing that certain tone of voice in some of those people who are losing their space homes. It comes with the hint of disorientation, melancholy and powerlessness. I don’t delight in that – but I am familiar with it. I’ve gone through that process a number of times myself.

Of course it is just a game and it doesn’t matter – but it does. If it didn’t, we probably wouldn’t have played the game for so many years.

Aside all the stories big and small, I also follow what goes on in EVE Null Sec as it can directly impact on my solo game.

As reported on various EVE sites and blogs, Space Monkey Alliance is leaving the Imperium and moving to Outer Ring to rebuild.

I was going to say that you do not go to Outer Ring to rebuild – it only has 7 NPC stations across 3 systems. You are too easily camped and harassed. With the arrival of Citadels however in a bit over a fortnight, the region could be made far more habitable. It might be interesting to see how it pans out.

As I have mentioned, I have a home (I should probably call it more of a camp) in NPC Null. It is not in Outer Ring, but it is in a bordering constellation in Syndicate and I occasionally visit parts of the region. I wouldn’t expect all 2,000+ Space Moneys to move there, but between those who do and those who would come to hunt them, the freedom I have to get stuff done in space will likely be impacted.

I expect I am going to have to be even more patient for a while.

3 thoughts on “Shifts in Space

    • I expect in the long run you will get your ratting grounds back. The space can not be upgraded, and as I have mentioned before, is fairly poor quality Null Sec and less profitable than low sec in many ways.

      Citadels however might be a game changer in places like Outer Ring or the Greater Wildlands. Even a small Corp could swing planting one or three of them in a backwater, and if they exploit the hell out of the local resources, have the cost covered before someone bigger comes along and decides to destroy them just for lols.

  1. I’ve got an experimental Null Sec alt base in Syndicate myself (mostly thanks to reading stuff here), I’m waiting to see what the post war fallout is like as various former CFC split off and then presumably split into smaller units as their game changes. I’m kind of expecting some kind of post apocalyptic null sec with Citadel based city states and a lot of smaller groups. Fun to watch but a fucker to navigate.

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