Is there anything else I am missing

It is not that uncommon to find people with available kill rights sitting in haulers on trade hub undocks or on the gates of well travelled trade routes. Charlot theHarlot was the most recent example I passed.

Now I assume the scam is as follows:

Charlot theHarlot fires one shot at an Alt, generating a kill right.

The Alt makes the kill right available to the public at a suitably high price, lets say 500M ISK.

Charlot theHarlot buys an Orca with a basic tank fit for 740M ISK and fully insures it (Platinum) at a cost of around 220M ISK (30%)

Charlot theHarlot sits in a well travelled path until someone / a group of people activate their kill right.

They die.


. Some Security Status for shooting the Alt
. 740M ISK for Orca and Basic Fit
. 220M ISK for Platinum insurance
960M ISK


. 500M ISK to Alt for activation of Kill right
. 740M ISK Insurance payout
1240M ISK

Profit from this example
280M ISK

In this case the pilot has lost 198 Orca’s so far, one, two or three every day or two. The profit from my made up figures above would be over 55B ISK.

The player could increase profits further by sourcing the Orca’s as cheaply as possible (buy orders instead of sell orders), so ensuring the insurance payout is even greater than their cost.

The worst thing that can go wrong is that the kill right is priced too high and no one activates it. Charlot theHarlot seems to have got it right as they are activated regularly. They also sometimes fly around with plenty of extremely cheap items in the cargo hold so as to make themselves look more like a legitimate target.

The second worst thing is that you are killed – giving you a profit.

Ideally however Charlot theHarlot escapes. They get the 500M ISK payment for the kill right activation regardless if they die or not. Their Orca fit is just a damage control, bulkhead, and a rack of shield extenders. Do they attempt to jump through the gate and flee once attacked? I’d have thought they would have fit a prop mod for quicker warp off and a cloak once they get to a safe. Do they use ECM drones or do they instead have a suicide Alt in an ECM T1 Frigate, who jams a smaller group of attackers and lets the Orca warp out as the frigate is killed? Or as it appears from looking at examples of their losses, do they just accept their current profits as worthwhile? That way they can AFK auto pilot between trade hubs until they are killed.

If you look at the kills and losses for Charlot you can find what other account they work with and see evidence of earlier versions of scams. I didn’t notice related kills however, so I am not sure they are making much effort to try and escape in their Orca.

Is there anything else I am missing here? If you activate a kill right do you just get a limited engagement flag, or is there a suspect flag? Is there some other aspect to the scam? Still – 200-300M ISK profit an hour is nothing to sneeze at. If I see the pilot again I will have to think to check the price of their kill right.

2 thoughts on “Is there anything else I am missing

  1. As I recall, when someone activates a kill right on you, you go suspect. Accordingly, anybody can shoot at you which makes escape attempts difficult. With this in mind, it’s barely a scam. Rather, it’s offering someone a shiny Orca kill mail for an upfront price. You can see Charlot’s associate Market Tycoon up-scale the offer with things like Bowheads:

    • Maybe scam is too harsh a word.

      I wonder what people would think if they realised they were paying ISK for the direct profit of the target? Do tears of laughter taste the same as tears of anger?

      If people do know, or don’t care, then you would have EVE’s version of a canned hunt. Canned hunts are not something respected by pro or anti hunters.

      It is an interesting aspect of EVE.

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