A couple weeks ago CCP shortened the new red kill feedback animation. I find it now all works much better.

The new camera is still not as good as the old, but I’ve found in heavy use over the last fortnight that it is workable, and only occasionally niggling.

Both of these fixes have come as a bit of a relief. I found the game less enjoyable with their initial versions. I’m not sure why the developers didn’t see their shortcomings before the players complained.

I’ve been undocked a lot – focused again on selling off assets. How often do I seem to say that? The problem is it is such a chore moving and selling stuff that I never get all the way through the process. Then my hangers slowly fill again with different ship hulls to test, more loot and the leftovers from finished (or unfinished) projects. For example, I’m selling off the last of my 3 complete POS set ups, the left over fittings from the two carriers I sold, the hangers of the two characters I terminated, plus billions in manufacturing materials that I won’t be using any time soon. There is a long list.

It has been the changes to the broker fees that have given me a real impetus this time to clear all this stuff out. It might only be a few percentage points on each transaction, but when you have many billions to sell it really adds up.

At the moment I am sitting on the most liquid ISK I’ve ever had, with more inbound as I shuffle between Jita and Amarr continuing the selloff process. It makes no logical sense, but it feels like I am preparing for some big upheaval in the game, getting myself into a more nimble and flexible position to adapt.

I’ve already said however I don’t think Citadels will have much of an impact on Hi-Sec, and I am not aware of anything else coming that should cause this feeling in me. I think it might be the vibe I am getting off my traditional circle of bloggers I follow. Lots have gone quiet or their tone has changed. Whatever it is, it seems pertinent to have some ISK stashed away under the mattress.

If you haven’t already, it might be worth a trip over to the Amarr trading hub to check out the circle of Titians.




Solo Hi-Sec Carebears might not get too many opportunities to get up and close to such things.

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