It is 1:16am here and I need to get to bed.

I’ve just finished watching the EVE Fanfest Keynote on Twitch (thanks to CCP announcing when their coverage first went live in game, and for providing a steady stream of updates on their Facebook Page).

There were some interesting Stats on where the assets are stored in game, such as there being 3,070T ISK on all active player accounts, 467T of it in the Jita 4-4.  The impact of Skill point trading on daily trading values was and remains surprisingly huge.

I was.. horrified is probably the word to use – at the low voter turnout for the CSM elections, and the mix of representatives (or lack of mix) that it resulted in. Wilhelm Arcturus was quick to post the results here:

On May 6th EVE will turn 13.  It will be called Capsuleer day and the gift will be Pod Skins and the usual festival launchers and fireworks.

There will be a new book released with technical diagrams of the Frigates of EVE.  It will be a while away.

There will be an official EVE iOS and Android app.  It will have customisable notifications from the game, EVE Mail, EVE Calendar, support multiple characters from multiple accounts, and enable you to see and spin the ship you currently have active.  It will also allow you to directly buy PLEX and game time.  This last bit was met with a slightly awkward silence.  That will also be a little while away.

They had a nice indication of their focus on trying to retain new players – by giving them a story / narrative that they can get involved in from the start.  Sounds like a good idea.

There were lots of in game changes mentioned – but I had heard most of them already.  Nothing on initial view stood out as a wow.  You can check out for details of everything they announced.

When the stream finished I noticed there were some 8,332 people watching.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad, but seemed like a reasonable number.



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