Fanfest from afar

(First a quick update – I mentioned the pilot Charlot theHarlot a week ago using kill rights and insurance to profit from the destruction of their ship. I ran an example of the profit they would make with a 500M ISK kill right, but had not actually taken note of how much it was.  I passed them again today on my way to Jita as they sat in their flashing Orca.  The Kill right was 500M ISK minus an ISK or two.)

I’ve watched parts of the Fanfest Twitch feed and followed CCP’s official channels. I perused any Fanfest related posts on my blogroll (although found surprisingly few) and kept an eye on the EVE News sites. I’ve even skimmed the EVE forums and the EVE Subreddit.

Initially, and mindful of my limited exposure from afar, there has been little announced that I am feeling enthused about or that positively changes my game. (Actually, there was little announced about EVE that I wasn’t already aware of.)

There was a place for solo / casual players to use POS, but I personally find the defence and un-anchoring mechanism of a Citadel means they are not suited. The rehash of details at Fanfest did not change my mind. Maybe it will be different for the Industrial Arrays, given CCP has apparently said they will be significantly cheaper than Citadels.

The increases in Broker Fees and Transaction taxes will go ahead, but are only being incrementally increased now as the Citadels won’t be fully operational. (Initially 3 instead of 5% and 2 instead of 2.5% respectively). I still won’t use them for markets, and this hasn’t changed my current focus on selling off assets before they are implemented. (Although I am obviously running out of time with that, I have cleared more than 50B ISK of assets so far.)

I’ve been quite aggravated by this tax change. Not for the ISK cost – but in the way CCP is trying to force us to use a particular feature, and because each time I hear about it I am reminded how they still don’t seem to understand their Hi-Sec player base. (And if they end up removing all Player Null Sec stations to be replaced by Citadels, it will show how little they understand any of their Non-PVP focused players.)

One of the things I put up on the market today was my Rorqual. I have enough information now on their new role and use that I know it won’t be suitable for my solo game style. Anchoring myself in place with an invulnerability timer isn’t much use if no one is available to come save me. I liked that they will become the highest mining yield ship in game through use of special excavation drones. You just need plenty of friends around before you would want to use them.

I am not really enamored with the capital changes. I have historically used a Suitcase Carrier to haul my ships around Low and Null Sec. I fit them for trying to quickly clear tackle and bug out if caught. If I am not successful in the first couple minutes, I am guaranteed to be dead. I’m not sure how that will work with no drones and the new squadron capabilities. I am leaning towards selling off my last Carrier and just sticking with far fewer ships so I can move them one by one.

There was an interesting comment from CCP about the introduction of a cap on the time taken to go into warp. If you are not tackled, it will never take more than three minutes. I expect that is aimed at helping people (primarily in Hi-Sec) who might be griefed by bumpers for extended periods of time. It may or may not help with freighter ganking. It would depend on if that 3 minutes reset or not each time a pilot was tackled.

I remarked a couple posts ago that it felt (illogically) like I was hoarding ISK and getting ready for some big upheaval in the game. There was nothing I’ve come across so far in Fanfest that will particularly impact me in that way – my game style will remain boringly unchanged.  Citadels could have a big impact on the game.  Initially they should give some quality of life improvements for those in more dangerous space.  Moving forward it will depend on how many are planted, the percentage that get destroyed, how players react to that, and how CCP react to the players decisions.

2 thoughts on “Fanfest from afar

  1. I’m assuming you ready Drackarn (Sand Cider and Spaceships)? Easily the best coverage so far that I’ve found. And btw Neville Smit seems less than enthused for similar, if not identical reasons.

    In all honesty, if we could base ourselves out of a starship instead of a citadel, I’d be damn tempted irrespective of the cost.

    • Yes – I noticed both Drackarn’s and Neville Smit’s posts. I was hoping to see more, Maybe when people get home. (The PVE stuff in particular.)

      I’d still want a “safe” home base somewhere in Empire, but I would love to have a mobile Orca or the like suitable for use in dangerous space. When I first saw the name Mothership I thought I had something to aspire too. How disappointed I was when I learnt the truth of it.

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