The black art of networking

I’ve had an unpleasantly busy but seemingly unproductive week that has kept me away from EVE.

I had reason to update my resume, which has turned out to be a much larger and longer task than I expected. I’ve put several days of effort into it, and while I am nearing completion there are still some hours of polish required. It turned out the last version of my personal resume was 17 years old! It has been quite a rigmarole to condense the last 20 years into a clear and easy to read narrative that didn’t pigeonhole me into just the one type of job.

I also lost a couple of days to an IT crash at home. For quite some years the center of my home network has been an old workhorse Billion ADSL modem router. A few features had degraded or died over the years, and it ended up with a switch and a wireless router attached, but it had managed the current network requirements of a desktop, 7 laptops, 4 iPads, 2 Android tablets, 2 Android phones, a NAS, a printer, 2 PVRs, a PlayStation and a number of other devices such as TVs. Had being the operative word.

I switched it off for 24 hours as I trialed an alternative setup around the newer wireless router. That turned out not to be 100% stable under such load – with one particular iPad game the kids play causing it to reset a number of times. I swapped the old router back in, but after being off for the longest period of time since it first went into service, it decided there would be no more working Ethernet ports for me. I replaced it, but after more than a day of full effort I still haven’t ironed out all the issues. Some have been particularly aggravating, such as the wireless router only being able to access the internet on its 5GHz network and not its 2.4GHz, with no apparent configuration which would impact such a thing. EVEMon, EFT, Trillion and my ISP usage meter also stopped working.

My annoyance was just a small shadow of that of my children. My god you would have thought the world was ending with how much they were complaining about the flaky internet access. Even my wife looked a bit exasperated at times that she couldn’t get onto Facebook.

Throw in a couple high school tours, multiple big exhausting meltdowns from my daughter, and my wife having a couple job interviews, and the week has been a total bust with nothing seemingly being finalised yet.

There was something about EVE that I read and found interesting – an interview with CCP Seagull published after Fanfest.

She said CCP had made an effort for Citadels to be accessible for individuals and smaller groups. I almost fell off my chair in disbelief and I am sure I stammered and frothed at the mouth. If I wasn’t so busy I would have run straight to the blog in self-righteous indignation. With some time to ponder however I guess I can see why CCP might think that. You can certainly anchor and use them as an individual. In some locations such as wormhole space they will be a game changer. I must just place more weight on being able to defend or unanchor them. If I thought of them as throw away assets, I might have been more enthused.

CCP Seagull goes on to give an idea on her mindset with current and future developments. She also acknowledged some people were feeling as if there was little in Fanfest for them – but suggested there would be some PVE related stuff coming for the non-PVP / non-Null Sec guys.

It is worth a read.

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