When a review is not a review

There was a video review of EVE posted on YouTube recently which has been doing the rounds of social media.

It goes for 30 minutes, but I found it an easy watch.

While it is a better and more encompassing review than normal, it does have its faults. Primarily it tends to be dismissive of game styles that don’t align with what the Author likes. This is the problem I find with most comprehensive reviews of EVE – most people who know enough about the game to talk with some authority, do so with bias.

I managed to get my PC apps such as EVEMon and EFT working again with the new network environment. I’m not entirely sure why – one of the many changes I tried / rebooted for yesterday might have decided to work after the PC slept on it overnight.

Today I am going to try and read the Citadel patch notes and spend some time in space.

4 thoughts on “When a review is not a review

  1. Well, I think a bias towards a favored play style is a fault common to most MMORPGs. I am not sure I have the wherewithal to watch a 30 minute review of the game, but I totally recognized that picture they used for the still placeholder frame.

    • At least I hope I state my bias here upfront.

      I’ve noticed your screen captures seem to make their way into a lot of things without appropriate acknowledgement!

      • Well, since EVE Online Pictures is an official “fan site,” I don’t think anybody owes me an acknowledgement technically, since they are all claimed as assets of CCP, used with their permission.

        But yes, I see them everywhere. CZ uses my pics a lot. I have a few in the Empires of EVE book. And I had to laugh because a few weeks back there was an alliance forum post about our Hurricane doctrine, and the post featured one of my screen shots.

        The crazy thing is that, with more than 1,000 pictures posted to EOP, plus many more on TAGN, is that I recognize my screen shots when I see them turn up in other places, sometimes years after I posted them. That Drake picture, as an example, is more than four years old at this point. That probably says something about me.

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