Occupying the Citadel Patch Notes

I spent part of yesterday carefully going over the Citadel Patch notes.


There was this glorious entry for version 1.3:

“Projector and Doomsday super-weapons no longer affect ships in invulnerable states (POS shields, tethered, gate jump cloak)”

Can you imagine the delight of the Super pilot who first worked that out?

There was, as I expected, not that much of note for my particular style of game play. That is not to say there is nothing for solo players. I am aware, particularly after reading some more enthusiastic bloggers, that there is the potential for a great deal of game content.

I checked through all the new BPO but I did not purchase any. I’m not interested in getting into the manufacture of citadels and their fittings – although it could keep a solo manufacturer busy for quite a while. Similarly, solo resource gatherers could be looking at increased demand and prices if citadels really hit off. They are also viable for a solo player to anchor and use – particularly as I expect I am in the minority with my strong dislike of their defence and unanchor mechanics.

I’m not sure how long we will have to wait to see how successful they are. Plausibly a year or more.

Similarly, there would be profits to be made producing the new Capital modules, especially in the early days. I have dabbled in various parts of capital manufacturing, but decided in the end it did not really suit. I also passed on buying these new BPO.

The patch notes had links to the EVE Online Help Center; a resource I haven’t really been aware of. The structure pages were easy to read and a good starting point. The site covers some of the game play information I thought was lost when the EVE Wiki was shutdown. The site is worth remembering:


With changes to in space objects you will of course want to double check your overview settings:


As expected, the new structure objects were not selected by default. Strangely though the Force Auxiliaries did seem to be.

You might also want to add the new structure browser to your Neocom. I expect once Citadels find their way across New Edan that this little app will get a lot of use.


I’m not a huge fan of the new v5 station hangers. I initially had some stuttering performance issues, but they seem to have been resolved (either by CCP or by resource downloads finishing). While I don’t mind the overall look, it just seems easier to see flaws in the various textures, at least in the Amarr stations I am tending to use.

The first stage of the tax increases are now in. My sell off allowed me to avoid around 1B ISK in extra tax, so was worth doing. I think I am down to under 5B ISK of assets now earmarked to sell, although I could (and may) cull even harder. I am still of the mindset, right or wrong, that moving forward it will pay to be able to be nimbler in game. Destructible homes won’t matter quite so much when you have little to store.

The new 900K cost to jump between clones in NPC stations is in – as I was reminded when I had to pay it yesterday as I jumped my alt out of NPC Null. Meh.

I’m reading the occasional complaint about the new NPC Capital ships. People are finding they can lock quickly, scram from quite a distance, and apply heavy damage to small hulls, so they are losing PVE ships to them. It will be interesting to see if this will just require an adjustment to solo fit and tactics, or if it ends up being if you rat in Null you need to do so with the backing of a group.  That later result would be a nerf for solo play.

I did run around and make sure I had all the new skills injected and trained to basic levels. These were mostly structure or fighter related. I might not plan to use them, but it always pays to keep your options open.

I noticed last week that CCP said the refund of SP and ISK spent on the Force Auxiliary Skills has been delayed. I am not sure when that is expected.


I do find the new tactical overlay is cool enough.


I haven’t quite got the panning and moving option working reliably, but I can see – for the first time in almost a decade of playing, that I will start using it for better situational awareness. It goes well with the option to now press Q then click on a spot in space to fly to and stop. That would have worked well in those event sites were I would try to stop my ship where the final rat spawned, but kept over flying it if I wasn’t paying attention.

Last of all I would like to flag a post by Neville Smit – on the notion of #occupyneweden


There is a lot of merit in the idea, and a lot of the manifesto I agree with. I do truly believe CCP thinks they understand and are catering for that 85% of pilots outside of Null Sec, but I find their actions suggest that they simply don’t get us at all.

Having said that – I’m on the fence with how much I should support it. Part of the reason I’ve been able to play this game for so long is that – in the end, after having my say here, I try to step back from the drama and concentrate on just what I can personally do to adjust and adapt.

I am not sure I want to leap into something that comes with the clear likelihood of aggravation and frustration. I’m not sure I see EVE is in so much trouble that it needs to be fought for – just yet.

I will have to think on it.

2 thoughts on “Occupying the Citadel Patch Notes

  1. Hey bud. I must admit I don’t like to Structure Browser Button. I would prefer that Citadels should be scanned down. The button makes it to easy to find one. Thats the whole idea that they can be anchored anywhere in system. IMO.

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