Lights Everywhere

I grabbed 20 of those Upwell pod skins cheap. I’ll leave them stored away for a few years to see if they increase noticeably in value or not.

While flying around collecting them I took to leaving the structure browser open. I figured if I passed through a system with a Citadel I would do a flyby / dock up / check it out. It took quite a lot of zigzagging across Domain before I happened across one.

There are currently 22 of them reported in the region – some are in familiar systems such as one in Niarja. I’m not sure if that is considered a lot of them or not. Most however are in systems I don’t particularly recognise, so I expect they are a bit out of the way. I also originally saw a couple in Low Sec, but they are no longer reported.


It is odd seeing the tethering connection when you approach a Citadel – and I wondered why it was also repairing me as there was nothing on the ship to repair. I assume it was transferring cap.  The effect icon disappeared shortly afterwards.



After docking, I found the interior looked a lot like the Minmatar station I had just come from. That’s a little disappointing. I would have much preferred something more unique, given how different Citadels look from the outside.


The option to view outside the structure was cool enough – particularly as the menu options remained and allowed you to then click undock.  They should do that for normal stations, but I guess it is one more carrot to try and get people to use Citadels instead of normal stations.


I’m also not a big fan of all the lights around the Citadel.

Anyway. It was an interesting 5-minute distraction from my task for the day.

6 thoughts on “Lights Everywhere

  1. Hey Mate, you don’t need to have the structure browser open to see if a citadels are in system. They appear on your overview. 🙂

    • You are correct, but I find they can get lost on a busy overview. It is easier to see them using the structure browser – sort the list on services and they appear at the top with a different coloured image.

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