Reoccurring Opportunities are here:


My Empire Alt has sat 17,000 SP off Advanced Spaceship Command V for some time now. Once done she can train ORE Freighter. I had not bothered swapping skill training to that character to finish this off, but figured once I heard about Daily Opportunities I would instead use those to get her across the line.

Logging in today I realised she didn’t have a single ship suitable for killing NPCs, and not many skill points allocated in offensive areas. After a bit of playing around in EFT I ended up with a very basic Coercer fit (Amarr Destroyer) which I purchased and put together in Amarr.

A quick visit to a space anomaly (because it can take much longer to find Rats in Hi-Sec Belts) and she had 10,000 SP.

Day one success for CCP – I spent an hour playing EVE that I would not have otherwise done. Subsequent days should only take me a few minutes to log in and collect the 10K SP, but that is better than not logging in at all.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. I was in a similar situation yesterday, had a hauling alt logged in who had never shot anything. Got him into a newb ship and went to belt shooting 2 rats. Nearly died, made it out in structure with 10k SP more, OP success, I’ll say…

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