Repayment at last

The next monthly release is apparently going in tomorrow.

We will be getting two versions of a combined Data/Relic Analyzer – called Ligature and Zeugma. You can check the stats in the patch notes, but Jonnypew did a review of them here:

There will be no more Dust514 items on the market. That coincides with there being no more Dust514. I had a momentary thought that I would go collect some of the stuff, just for interest, but then I realised I had no interest in it at all.

The Force Auxiliary skills and the ISK paid for injected Force Auxiliary skills will be repaid (finally). That will give me a couple Billion ISK extra and a few days worth of SP.

They are introducing the right click – pan feature in the new camera. That was something I was complaining about just recently. I will be glad to see it back.

Oh – and the old camera is being disabled.

I’ve been using the new camera for a while now. I still prefer the old – but was living ok with the new. That is – until some of their recent tweaking. The zoom is odd again, the camera is resetting strangely, and it is irritating me at times. It still feels like a downgrade.

That was about it.

The Citadel losses are up to 213 odd.

It depends on the day, but most appear to be dying in Wormhole Space. I’d have to assume that a lot more than that have been planted, so maybe CCP will be viewing their introduction as a success.

Oh, I sold that Tornado – I wouldn’t gank someone, even if they annoyed me.

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