Medically unfit for PVP

I mentioned in my last post that Dust514 items would no longer be on the market after a patch (that has since been applied). I thought I might go collect some of the items, just for interest, but it turns out you couldn’t buy any of the gear from within EVE. I probably should have known that.

No idea if I have mentioned it before, but I have Essential Tremors. I’ve had them all my adult life, and they have very slowly progressed over the years from barely noticeable to occasionally embarrassing. It is a common and minor thing, not normally worth discussing. I saw a Neurologist about them recently – a sort of once a decade check in, plus I had a couple questions. He linked in a number of other minor things to the Tremors that I had not realised related. It turns out my adrenaline fuelled shakes that make it almost physically impossible for me to PVP are also tied in to it. I might have a medical excuse for not playing EVE properly.

Speaking of playing EVE. (See that segue? What blogging prowess.) Without realising it I may have tripped into taking an EVE break. Like most things EVE related, I’m not sure I am doing it right. I still log in every other day to update market entries or grab 10K SP, but I am only online for a few minutes. There is nothing I particularly want to do while undocked, and no goals I am working towards.

While I am still reading the release patch notes and anything else CCP talks about, it has been a while since something has grabbed my attention (in a positive way). I’m not inclined at the moment to work hard at alleviating this malaise, and feel comfortable enough to let things slide for a bit. My accounts are still paid up – my Alt until September, and my Main until February next year. I am still looking forward to the 10-year anniversary milestone.

So without drama or fanfare, I may, or may not, post less. You have been forewarned.

6 thoughts on “Medically unfit for PVP

  1. One of my sister-in-laws has essential tremors. She takes a drug for it that seems to help (I could find out the name if you like) though I’m sure your neurologist knows more about the matter than my passing familiarity. That said, “I have a medical exemption from PvP” may be the most delicious reason to play the game the way you want I have ever heard. If you could wrangle up an actual doctor’s note exempting you from PvP you’d have the makings of possibly the best blog post ever. Just think of the possibilities: Shield Tank, Armor Tank, Hull Tank and now, Doctor’s Tank.

    • The medical interventions for essential tremors are hit and miss. The drugs they use tend to lose effectiveness over time. I’m saving those up for if it starts to have a proper impact on my day to day life. In the meanwhile it is better just to live with it.

      Don’t joke about a Doctor’s tank. Thinking about it, I could imagine a time where game designers are forced to protect players from being ganked or scammed if they have certified psychological issues and might react poorly to it. A real life Code certificate…

  2. I think peaks and troughs in game are natural given the length of time we’ve played. The trick (well it was for me), was not to put too much store in it when a trough did happen.

    As for the PvP side, I can’t blame any medical condition as such, but the adrenaline spike for me is huge. Great for real life in dangerous situations, not so much for the fine motor control needed in using a mouse…

  3. I while back I noticed a regional agent for R&D. Because I do a fair meddling amount of Invention, I wondered how to take advantage of this. My alt slots are used to expanding my PI and industry. So I looked to my lowest alt – and have taken the huge step to raise standing to gain access to a Level 4 R&D agent. Similar to you I think, I am at a nadir for Eve. Barely able maintain interest the modicum of Planetary Interaction. (which I use in tech2 manufacture).

    Anyhow, I started with the tutorial agents to raise the standings. Might even be worthy of a blog post or two.

    • Getting a couple of characters to high standings for anchoring hi-sec POS killed my interest in EVE missions. I’ve never been able to get back into them since. That was possibly not the best of designs. PI also left me feeling a bit burnt out after a while. I tried to ensure I kept having new goals to move on to.

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