Not so recurring

A little unexpectedly (at least to me) CCP will be removing the daily SP opportunity during next weeks patch.

There was a big bump in the number of people who killed an NPC when they were logged in, but there was very little change to login behaviour.  (That’s the pattern I followed.  It certainly did not make me log in, but I used it when I did.)

I understand CCP’s approach and reasoning.  Hopefully the information CCP have learnt helps make future opportunities better.

Meanwhile I gave my study an upgrade today – a couple small Dell 22″ IPS 1920 x 1080 monitors.  I’ve been wanting more screen real estate for things like displaying Dotlan while playing EVE, IM windows, music videos, background TV shows, twitter feeds and the like that I wanted to keep half an eye on but without impeding what I was doing on my main screens.


My wife’s first reaction was “Oh good god, that’s suitably offensive”.


Apparently she can see one of my ears from the study doorway, so I am not completely hidden.  There are some annoying “quirks” with having mixed resolutions of 3840 x 2160 and 1920 x 1080 with different scaling between them.  I am learning some of the tricks to smooth these, but I don’t think I can fix them all.  (Particularly around Icons and text sizes on the smaller monitors.)

5 thoughts on “Not so recurring

  1. God I hope you’re solar powered 🙂

    Dunno how people manage to play Eve so intensely they need extra screens, I run two accounts, have your usual Dotlan/EveHQ/mapping/Dscan tools/whatever up and still spend half my time reading the Guardian. Must be missing out on something 🙂

  2. WOW… nice setup. I have 3 monitors at work. I do have three at my new home PC desk, but 2 are laptops. One, my good Win10/8GB system has a 22″ monitor I play the game on and the main laptop screen is for meta apps, web sites, TS3, etc. The 2nd laptop, my old XP/4GB box, is for, well everything else… creating/editing graphics, other sites, blogging etc.

    Feels a little like “How do YOU EVE?” post… =]

    My setup.

      • LOL yea… 2 Quake figures, a Deadpool DVD, a Masterchief figure, Po’s X-Wing, 4′ of belted .308, a deactivated grenade, a stack of spare hard dives… plus the rack on the wall… yea it’s eclectic, and it’s home. =] (There’s another pic on my imgur that shows the desk and the whole wall rack…)

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