For the privileged

The latest o7 show is available here on YouTube –

For something different, it was simulcast across YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

It was a little more polished than normal, although didn’t have a great deal in it.

They talked about the costing of some of those new Serpentis Capitals – the Vehement Dread will be 35-40B ISK, and the Vanquisher Titan up around 400B ISK. It seems like a fair bit of work to go into something available to a relatively small number of players. They also showed some video of what the Industrial array looks like, from about 22 minutes in.

The patch notes for the June release are also available:

I’ll have to log back in to check out the Shadow of the Serpent event. It was nice to see the Cynosural field range will show on the Tactical Overlay, I’ll have to do some research on the boosters as they haven’t been anything my characters have tried, I will of course make use of the 8 overview tabs and the Cinematic camera sequence for docking and undocking might be interesting.

3 thoughts on “For the privileged

  1. Looking at the Industrial Arrays does not really excite me so far. They look like another iteration of the Citadel mechanics, in the o7 show. Despite the offering that it will be possible for small groups – how will they defend them? Plus if refining is an option – will it be superior to current citadels? The information is thin on the ground. They need to offer significant benefits over NPCs or NPCs are removed.

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