It has kind of snuck up on me, but many of the older school EVE bloggers I have followed over the years have gone quiet or changed topics. Talvorian Dex mentioned it recently, which opened my eyes to it. I expect the lack of their stories, example and ideas has sapped some of my appetite for EVE.

My logins remain sporadic. For the first time since I started playing EVE I could envision it being fairly easy to walk away with no particular regret. It is a reminder to myself about just how important it is as a Solo Player to keep active goals, else you drift away. It is an interesting place to be – but in an academic sort of way. It is not a decision I plan to entertain until after I hit 10 years.

I also know it is not just EVE. I haven’t played my favourite iPad games for months either. I seem to be having a midlife crisis. Well – crisis is far too harsh a word. It is more a midlife trifling, as I review my career and life in the most boringly analytical way I know how. Throw my troubled and troubling 7-year-old daughter into the mix and there hasn’t been much room left for gaming.

I have gone over the romantically named 118.6 release notes and patched the client.

I glanced at the Shadow of the Serpent Event Opportunities as I logged in. My very first thought was a deflating “oh crap, could I really be bothered running so many sites?” Probably not the most auspicious start.

I then got to witness the new docking animation, which seemed to go on for too long and had the camera pan artistically across the ship in a somewhat annoying way. The concept is interesting, but the execution seems amiss.

I then undocked. I’d like to give feedback on how that animation works, but all I got (and have got since) was a long pause looking at a black screen before appearing undocked like normal.

The patch notes suggest you can cancel this “cinematic” sequence by moving the camera. That didn’t seem to stop it. I then went looking in the menus for a way to turn it off but did not notice anything either. I suspect people are likely to complain about this feature.

While undocked I added 3 tabs to my overview, bringing the number up to the allowed 8. I need to spend an hour or two really thinking about how to make the most of them. To start with I ensured I had all the new event NPC’s added.

I wandered about until I found one of the new Event Sites on my overview. It had a surprising number of battlecruisers and what not in it, but they melted quickly and didn’t trouble my shields. Nothing seemed to drop and my scope network summary showed 1 of 10 such sites complete. There are – as to be expected, a lot of people running these sites initially. I’m going to have to find and compete against other players for 100 odd sites to get the lowest level reward. Maybe I am missing something, or have unknowingly succumbed to bitter vet syndrome, but “Meh” about sums up my initial enthusiasm. I’ll see if I change my tune on the weekend.

7 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. I started running a couple of the sites. Quickly coming to the realization I do not have the time-sink to commit to this. One of the sites which had an almost L4 quantity of frigates, Cruisers and Battlecruisers to gain 100 points. The AI follows on from the original Incursion AI, meaning that brawler builds are the most suited. I watched a HAM Tengu clean out one of the larger sites. I would sum up the entire Shadow of the Serpent as a rift on the design of Incursions, but missing why Incursions are successful. And whilst my thoughts roamed over a potential Vigilant build – I am struggling to shrug off the malaise of being a six year vet.

    Currently I am in “pending-mode”. Waiting to see if the Industrial Arrays might offer a more interesting game play. (although I am not optimistic about this future).

    • I’m using a DPS Legion, which is making short enough work of them.

      I think the fundamental flaws in the Citadel design for solo players will flow through to the Industrial Arrays – the vulnerability window at the end of anchoring and the fact they won’t offer any defence unless you are logged into them. The only way the Industrial Arrays will be of solo use is if they are cheap enough to be throw away structures. (You won’t really care if they are destroyed.)

  2. My game too has altered… As I play a more, only slightly more but more social game, I stay logged onto TS 24/7… I watch for some of the guys to logon, I watch for signs of life as twere… and then I unmute, speak up, and see what’s going on. Sometimes… if nothing is really happening, I go AFK but keep an ear on comms, JIC something worth joining in does crop up, sites or PVP.

    I know I am not rich in EVE terms, not even by Anoikis terms, but I am sitting on over 4bil ISK and I have ships to burn… I have never been overly money grubbing, I just want enough to pay my way and replace my losses. So once I have a several billion I rapidly lose interest in ISK making. I still run sites, but it’s far far more in the hope of PVP and to hang w/ the guys than for the ISK.

    But, however my game has changed I have yet to contemplate leaving. Why? Well, EVE is a virtual life. Like Real life is has it’s ups and downs, it’s fat years and it’s lean years… and, for me, I won’t walk away or opt out from either just because everyday is not all wine, roses, virgins and song even if, as a virtual life, I could so easily walk away. Unlike real life… messier that, and we’re not immortal here, now are we?

    No… I feel I will be logging on as long as the servers are up, or until I experience my own personal unexpected final wetware failure. After all a life is a life… =]

  3. I myself noticed that if I play solo, or don’t have any goals, I don’t really feel like logging into EvE. It feels like a bit of a chore even.

    That usually changes when I find a corporation to join that’s actually fun to play with. I had it when I joined Nullsec but as soon as the corporation leadership was dying down, thus the corp activities dying, I started to feel the same boredom again.

    I joined a new corporation a few weeks ago and every day when I’m at work I’m looking forward to hopping onto TS, see what’s going on and get going on it.

    I personally think that EvE is not a game to play solo, it works, but only for a while (I did it for 2 years) before you get too bored to bother.

    • You could argue if you managed to get two years of solo play out of EVE, that it is at least partially suited to that play style. I’ve spent 6 years of my almost 10 years in EVE effectively playing solo. The trick is not playing EVE like a single player game. It is not suited to blindly ignoring everyone else and stubbornly doing what you want. You don’t have to be social, but you do have to observe those around you.

  4. I guess I can relate in some ways and I think we’re both close to the same age as well. I think I reached a point in life that I needed to step back some and reshuffle what was important and some things that I’d also like to spend time doing in real life. And like many other previous points before I just simple choose to walk away and do other things. And that was it. Today it another blogging project. But gaming for me is not dead just a long vacation. Just yesterday I registered a slight variation to my blog name just without the “e” after the second “d”. So I have some plans there.

    But was it easy after EVE? No, but I felt it was time and necessary at that time to do that. After walking away I felt like I was going thru gaming withdrawal or something like that. I just stuck with it and at some point in time I just no longer actively though about things gaming much. But it also gave me time to notice the other things in life I hadn’t noticed, missed and to also spend time working at skills in other interests that was important to me or as a hobby. Food being one of them.

    About a month or two ago I answered one of CCP’s return to EVE emails for Citadel. I did for just 1 month signup pass. But I never logged in more than 4 times at most. My Corp was basically inactive, All the Corp Leaders were inactive. The one person on even said most the Corp was inactive and I also happen to remember the Corp Member also. I just sent a Corp Wide Message that I was here for however long, just passing through. Having emerging from some unknown Wormhole and likely to disappear again soon through another to unknown worlds.

    What remain of my connection to EVE is in it’s social aspect. And so I’ll also agree with some the previous commenter. In EVE though you may play entirely Solo and I did as well you do need social connections. The most valuable ones to me were just the other bloggers in the community. My connection remains to those players who still play as apart of my social world in playing EVE even though I no longer live and play in that world. You still care about the players and their characters because you’ve grown up over time with them if even from afar. Some even though you started out observing from afar ended up having connections to your in game character and becoming apart of your character story.

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