Snake Bite

The June Release Feedback thread holds some good news


Some time soon CCP will allow us to disable the dock and undock animations. The odd thing – in a sort of CCP way of giving what we want but not entirely in the way we want it – is that the toggle to turn it on and off will include several other camera actions.  Unfortunate if you like those.  I do remember CCP suggesting that they were running out of space in the options windows, so that might be the reason.

The Shadow of the Serpent Event had me undocked today for the longest period in months, but it did not leave me particularly enamored. One of my opportunities was to clear 5 Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facilities. I am not sure if the NPC counts vary, but they contain around half a dozen Battlecruisers, a dozen Cruisers, and a dozen and a half Frigates.

I ran them the same way – slow boat towards and orbit the loot can, clearing the Frigates first, then Battle Cruisers, then Cruisers. The first 4 or 5 I ran didn’t bother my tank in the slightest, the last couple actually had me thinking about overheating my repairer or aligning to a celestial at midpoint. The game logs suggested a lot more ships were hitting me. I don’t know if this was just circumstance or something more – but I remember a similar thing happening last event.

The sites took a little while, but I found them within a few jumps of home.  That got me 5% of the way to the lowest level of reward, along with around 20M ISK worth of Bounties and Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor parts, plus a 100M ISK+ implant.

(Apparently you can blitz these by just taking out the middle spawn.  I didn’t do any research before running them the first time – makes the exploration more interesting.  I might try that next time.)

The next challenge was to kill half a dozen Serpentis Guards in a Frigate. Guards are normally found in groups of 5 – 1 Battleship, 2 Cruisers and 2 Frigates, in Belts or on Gates.  They didn’t do a great deal of damage, but the BS could tank well, so after a bit of trial and error I went for a high DPS Worm. I then had to search 20 systems, every asteriod belt and in and out gate, before I finally found 5 Serpentis Guards. I did see a dozen Angel guard spawns and a handful of wrecked Seprentis Guards. The worm setup worked well. This moved me along to 15% towards the lowest reward, but took a hell of a lot of effort. Total ISK reward was maybe 10M, including a couple Faction Spawn.

I don’t mind seeing different things in belts and what not, but some of these sites would give newer players a heart attack.  The rewards however require far too much of a grind.  I’m not sure I will continue to make an effort.

The extra two screens in my Study work a treat.  Obviously they were a luxury / because I can / amusing myself type purchase.  There was no specific or pressing need to get them, I’d just liked the idea for some time now.  I don’t use them every time I sit down at my PC, but it was great being able to leave Dotlan up full screen on one and EFT on the other during my EVE sessions this weekend, and I use them regularly in my day to day tasks, particularly playing media or keeping track of Instance Messaging / Social Media.  They worked out better than expected.

3 thoughts on “Snake Bite

  1. Occasionally all of the Shadow of the Serpent sites will spawn Angel Cartel frigates and/or cruisers in addition to the Serpentis rats. This extra explosive damage can be significant especially if you are tanked for therm/kin. Kill any Angel rats first.
    Sure the somewhat mediocre rewards are behind a massive grind wall but even so I am liking this event. As a solo player who spends a good part of my time in wormholes but comes to high sec to mission for a change of scene I very rarely get to interact with players except when I pull off a wormhole gank. So far I have found good camaraderie in the event sites as I run into the same players over and over. Given that we all get the rewards and because “the can” in the shipyard only rarely drops anything valuable there is a spirit of cooperation and I have had some good fun conversations in local. It was kind of strange at first warping into a site another player had started but the realization seems to have taken hold that the faster we clear the site the better for all.

    • Interesting – I wasn’t aware any participants in a site were given completion points, I assumed it would be the person who killed the last NPC or opened the loot can.

    • Oh – and thanks for the tip with regards the additional Angel spawns. I had noticed that – but a double check of the game logs just before showed in the harder hitting sites I was still only facing Serpentis.

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