Camera Settings

Quicker than expected, you can now turn off those pesky dock and undock animations – along with other “dynamic” things.

As shown in today’s patch notes –

“Introducing a setting called ‘Dynamic Camera Movement’ in the settings menu that allows you to enable or disable automatic camera movement, this will be a single setting that enables/disables all of the following:

  • Docking animation
  • Undocking animation
  • Ship change animation
  • Animation when logging in to the game in space
  • Dynamic FOV
  • Dynamic center offset”

I happily turned it off.  While I still get an abnormally long blank screen when undocking (most, although not every time – seemingly introduced by the June release), the process is otherwise back to normal.


This change does seem to have introduced a bug.  The Scope Network Information box – up near the Route / System name details, closes a little while after you dock.

Am I just being a Bitter Vet and not giving these things a chance, or has CCP’s camera related updates involved misstep after misstep?  The game feels snappier without the dock transition animations.



7 thoughts on “Camera Settings

  1. I don’t think you’re being a Bitter Vet. Misstepping their way to good product seems to be CCP’s custom. I’m unaware why this appears to happen so often in CCP development. I like to believe some of it is quirk of memory since I tend to quickly and unthinkingly incorporate changes I like into my game play while I complain vociferously about changes I dislike leading to irritation and displeasure being foremost in my mind much of the time. The thing is, complaint often works with CCP meaning it’s not wasted effort but it does require I step back on occasion and take stock of all the wonderful things underfoot as well to bring me back into equanimity.

  2. I am not sure if it is a sign of being a bitter vet so much as it is a combo of CCP tinkering with something that was perfectly adequate already and the “new and improved” aspect not really providing any objective benefit. “It looks cool” wears off, but functionality we live with every day.

    • I actually liked the idea – just not the execution. While I never timed the process, it seemed to make the dock / undock take longer. I guess it is also possible that even a short and sharp animation might have seemed pointless to me after a while. Good that there is now the option to turn it on and off.

  3. I don’t think you’re bitter, it’s just a difference of play style. Sure, the animations are “cool” to look at but after the umpteenth time, they become boring and slow things down. It’s almost like ship skins. You buy one, it looks great for for the first 15 minutes but after that, you zoom back out and you forget you have it…

    The thing that bugs me the most right now is the annoying in-station screen. When I multibox, the constant flicker/movement from the screens is distracting/annoying. I want to put a TV in the Devs’ peripheral view and have them code for an entire day while CNN is flashing out of the corner or their eye. Talk about annoying…

    • The first thing I do every time I dock is align my view so that I don’t have one of the in-station screens visible. It is almost an automatic action.

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