It took three long EVE sessions across a week or so, but I managed to get to the first reward tier of the Shadow of the Serpent Event.



However – each of those sessions involved 45 to 65+ jumps back and forwards through Hi-Sec, including several mind numbing periods of visiting every belt in system after system. That was how much effort it took to find 5 Angel Research Bunkers, or 5 Serpentis Transportation Facilities, or 5 Serpentis Guards. In between those were the bread and butter Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facilities which I’ve run over and over and over again.


You collect the Copper Ouroboros through the redeeming system.



The interface for opening the container is somewhat new / odd / unnecessary?  (Particularly as the items are placed in your inventory once you open the container, so are revealed before you click on the reveal buttons.)

You get some clothes, a frigate skin, and a training speed boost which from memory reduced my training queue by something like 9 hours. In total the entire effort was worth 500M ISK.

I still have around 12,000 points for the Silver reward. I am not sure I am going to be able to make it that far. As I said in my previous posts, the event has certainly seen my activity in EVE increase dramatically, and I think the general idea and approach by CCP isn’t bad. However, I feel it is too much of a grind, and when it finishes (or I get sick of it), it won’t have a long term positive impact on my pattern of logging in. It might even leave me burnt out.

2 thoughts on “Bronze

  1. I feel pretty much the same way. The other thing I suspect is that every person gets the same challenges. Might be a way to generate some fights, but otherwise it’s just an exercise in frustration as some of the sites sit around for days, then disappear overnight. Still about 1500 points shy of bronze.

    • I also wondered a bit about how challenges were allocated. For the first part of the event I only ever got Serpentis related things – and kept seeing Angel Sites everywhere. When I started to see Angel related things all of a sudden you couldn’t find any of the sites!

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