I’m down to 2,950 points required for the Silver reward of the Shadow of the Serpent Event. I’ll cover that comfortably within the 15 days left of the event. I will stop running the sites then as I won’t get anywhere close to reaching the Gold reward.

I have already complained about the grind of this event, and my opinion on that has not changed. There are also Challenges that I won’t do, such as run an Incursion or killing Drifters, which can end up filling 3 of the Challenge slots and only leave the option of running “Keep Up the Pressure” (those Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facility sites) over and over for days on end.

I have however really liked other aspects of the event. I liked the mining challenge when I (very rarely) got them. I liked some of the small challenges that required specific ship hulls, such as kill an Angel Cartel Pirate in a rookie ship, or Serpentis Guards in a frigate hull. They got you thinking and flying something you might not always fly. I also liked how I ended up flying vast distances, sometimes visiting upwards for 30, 40 or even 50 systems over a day as I crisscrossed regions visiting the quiet and dead end constellations to hunt down some of the less common sites.

It could certainly be improved. I think there needs to be more than 4 Challenge slots – at least 6, or otherwise the option to remove / clear / swap out one challenge per day. I think there needs to be quicker Challenges added – more of the do 1 of site X for 100 points, and less of the do 10 of site X for 1,000 points. I could only play once or twice a week, so more than once I would get 6 out of 10 of a certain site, but have the challenge de-spawn by the time I could log back in again, leaving no reward for the effort. It would be nice to have more options to log in, play for 20 minutes, and see some small movement in your Event Points.

Something else I have noticed – players have been rather courteous in sites. The only site that drops loot are the Shipyard and Research Facilities. I have operated on, and been afforded the same consideration, that the first pilot in the site gets the loot. Of the 10’s of these sites I have run contested, I have only had one single pilot rush the container after arriving late to the site. I guess CCP might not be pleased with that – but when you have to grind so many of these particular sites, if you have to deal with assholes constantly I would have given up on the event long ago.


Mining for an Event Challenge under the not so watchful eye of Serpentis and Angel Cartel Guards, who strangely leave you alone.

6 thoughts on “Roaming

  1. Kudos to you for sticking it out, seems most people said fuck this for a game of soliders long since. CCP have the weirdest block when it comes to creating compelling PVE. Hopefully you’ll get something shiny to make it worth the time 🙂

    • There still seemed to be a similar number of people out competing for sites as there was for previous events. I didn’t find the event compelling, but it has promise.

  2. If I am lucky, I might reach Bronze. Predominately being a drone pilot does not mesh well with the common baseline mission – the Serpentis Shipyard. This sort of mission fits well with brawlers and short ranged weapons.

    Agreed, a selection of six missions would provide more options, for such as myself with time constraints on activity. Still, it is early days. Hopefully more like this content style will continue, providing a much needed breath of fresh air to the stale PvE.

    • I hope CCP iterates and improves on it for next time.

      I tend to use lasers in most of my PVE now. Hits instantly, quick to reload, easy to adjust ranges, long lasting and requires minimal cargo space. I find having to recall, swap and repair drones to be too tiresome. Having said that – there were lots of Drone boats out running event sites, and they certainly ripped through rats a little faster than I was.

  3. Thanks for writing about it, I declined to be drawn into the event, so it is an interesting read.
    My sole interaction was landing 15k off a gate in my freighter under the watchful eye of Serpentis and Angel Cartel Guards”. Got the heart racing. They left me alone which considering the standing I have with both is strange and a miracle.

    • The “Guard” rats you find on gates and in belts do not attack unless you attack them. Wouldn’t that make for a more interesting Hi-Sec if they started too.

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