Done at Silver

With a final push that saw me fly across Domain, Tash-Murkon, Khanid and Kor-Azor, I reached 25,050 Serpentis Event points and was awarded the Silver Ouroboros. It included a handful of skins and the 72-hour training time booster.


I had placed all the loot I picked up in a container, which the client suggests is worth around 600M ISK (including 274 Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessors and 4 Low-Grade and 1 Medium-Grade Asklepian implants), plus the two time-limited skill boosters that I used for myself, plus several hundred ISK from bounties.


I guess that is somewhat anticlimactic, but overall the event did keep me half amused and I played more EVE than I have for a long time. It goes to show just how hungry I was for some accessible new content.

There’s some promise of what could happen in the future if CCP improves on this concept.

I’m not sure what to do next. I did enjoy the long distance roams, so I might do some exploration content where I don’t keep cycling back to my home. I’ll just need to sort out what ship hull to fly that will work against all the rat types, can carry a fair bit, and is quick.

One thought on “Done at Silver

  1. I’ve given up at just under 5000 points, I just found the grind too boring and at a mere 500 points for every 10 shipyard sites I just lost interest, In the end I didnt even bother going for the loot, I just went for the number of sites completed to tick up by one.

    I didn’t do drifter sites either and often found that I only had one option in my list of 4 that I would do so yeah that could def be improved and thinking that giving the option to swap out a site per day may have been better.

    I think the concept overall though on how CCP has presented it is good and hopefully they will improve on the next one. perhaps giving a choice of combat or industrial based challenges so the indy people could get more involved, above the random mining thing.

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