Dark undock

Just a short comment. I haven’t spent time out in that Null Sec pocket for a while now. I still have the issue where when I undock from a station I have an extended period of just seeing a black screen. I’ve tested with my alt – and he could see and lock my main when he undocks – before the main’s client displayed anything or allowed me to react. As you could imagine – not ideal. I’ve reset the cache and what not without effect. I’ll contemplate a fresh install of the client – but at the moment I am not inclined to.

5 thoughts on “Dark undock

  1. I get that a lot, I’d put it down to playing on a laptop. It’s worse if I have 2 clients running. I only undock when I know local is ‘safe’

    • With the collapse of the Goon empire, there have been more players in the NPC Null Sec pocket I had been playing around in. I didn’t find many safe times to undock.

      I ran some tests on my desktop (i7 / Dual GTX 680’s) and gaming laptop (i7 / GTX 870M) this evening. The first time I undock after logging in on either machine tends to give me 10 to 14 second long black screens. After that it is sporadic – generally around 2 seconds, with occasional session changes of 10+ seconds of black screen.

      Given it happens on both systems, I am thinking it might be related to the fact I run my clients in window mode with large resolutions – 3000×1800 on my desktop, and 2800×1450 on my laptop. Clutching at straws though.

      • I have been seeing that as well. The first session change is always painfully slow. I wonder if the client is trying to load resources just in time. It is normally not a bad design practice, but considering that this is a critical moment in an PVP game they should reconsider it.

        You can experiment with resolution. My own experiments have been inconclusive, but you are running at higher resolutions than my aging machine can display.

        Good luck!

  2. Have you turned the dynamic camera off? If I recall I think my client goes dark for a few seconds when doing various things like undock, jump gates, take a jump bridge etc. and all this happened after I turned the dynamic camera off.

    • I noticed it back in February or March. On three separate occasions I undocked in Null, had someone undock immediately after me (had been waiting), lock me up, scram and start shooting, all done while I was still sitting looking at a black screen. I’m not 100% sure on the timing – but it might relate to when I swapped in dual GTX 680’s, and / or when I went to 4K Screens. I’ll have to test it out on my laptop, which I hadn’t thought to do.

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