No horizons

Once I stopped doing the Serpentis Event I was still feeling inclined to do some long distance exploration based roaming. The basic idea is to open the Dotlan map and set off to Hi-Sec areas I haven’t spent much time in, visiting exploration and marked sites as I go without returning home.

I spent a couple of sessions in EFT trying to decide on what Ship I would fly. As you would expect I wanted one that basically could do it all without needing to change fit. It needed to scan, be able to fit both Data and Relic analyzers, do reasonable DPS against all NPC types and have a bit of a tank. I was also leaning towards lasers for their low volume requirement for ammo, and quick reloads / changes on the fly. That all limited the choices.

I started out by checking those new(ish) joint Data and Relic analyzers. I figured they might open up a few new ship types to try, but they were very expensive and the stats did not impress. In the end I looked at more than a dozen hulls before concentrating on the Confessor, Stratios and Legion. The Confessor is a little too easy to gank if I end up carrying large values of loot, so I discounted it in the end, and the Legion worked out stronger than the Stratios is most areas, particularly as I did not need it to be able to cloak.

[Legion, Roam v1]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Corpum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer

Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Relic Analyzer II
Data Analyzer II
Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script

Small Tractor Beam II
Salvager II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Energy Metastasis Adjuster II
Medium Energy Metastasis Adjuster II

Legion Defensive – Nanobot Injector
Legion Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer
Legion Engineering – Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
Legion Offensive – Drone Synthesis Projector
Legion Propulsion – Fuel Catalyst

Hobgoblin II x5

On paper it looks ok – but EFT statistics do not always give a clear indication of what a ship is like to fly. Tracking was one of the things I am going to have to get a feel for undocked. So far it seems to be able to hit destroyers and up fairly reliably, with Frigates ok out past 10km. Closer to that I can just use drones. I might be able to swap one or two of the tracking rigs out to see the impact it has.  Time to test.

8 thoughts on “No horizons

  1. When I read the first couple paragraphs I thought for sure you’d go with Stratios, but that’s entirely because I blurred right over the “Hi-Sec” part. The Legion should also be nice in highsec since you won’t need to worry about your drones getting killed as often as you might in a Stratios where they are your primary dps. However, for the exploration sites you’re looking for will there be an issue of any where the T3C will be gate-locked out but a faction cruiser or T3D could pass? Out of curiosity, did you consider a Phantasm?

    • I am finding an issue with access to some sites. The T3D or a Faction cruiser would get through a number of them. I didn’t consider the Phantasm, although have used it to run High Sec exploration sites before to good effect. I haven’t used one to scan / run Data or Relic sites.

  2. I like the Stratios for these trips – drone bay allows for independence from ammunition and flexibility when it comes to target size. With a mobile depot, you can switch out hacking mods easily as well. Stratios can get a beastly tank and if you are feeling rich, put Geckos into it.

    The only time when I take a T3 out would be NS as they can be interdiction nullified. But then, I dont feel comfortable in boats that can’t cloak. You can take a guy of a WH but cant take the WH out of a guy, apparently.

    • I’m using the Drone Synthesis Projector on the Legion, so have a 200m2 bay and a bandwidth of 50 for tackling stuff the Beam Lasers can’t hit hard enough.

      I considered carrying a mobile depot, but initially want to try this without having to stop to swap modules around. Plus it had a notable impact on cargo space doing it that way.

      I did tend to fit a cloak on my exploration ships even in Hi-Sec – so I could go AFK, or to allow me to jump through wormholes into Low/Null Sec. I’m in my +5 training clone at the moment so I won’t generally step out of Hi-Sec.

      • Sure. all good reasons. Just FYI, I used my Stratios a couple of times to run C1 anoms (yes, need to be careful about drone aggro). The Stratios is surprisingly fast, allowing to stay (mostly) out of range of webbing frigates. I have never tried it on e.g. LvL4 and doubt that my setup has the DPS to break the NPC battleships efficiently but its probably worth a try. But please let us know how the Legion works, I have never flown one.

  3. What is the cargo bay size on the Legion? I was thinking of doing some long range exploration but all I have at the moment is a Helios and a Astero, if the cargo bay is significantly better then a legion may well be worth it.

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