The Feels

I flew the Legion over to Everyshore and started my exploration roam in Quier. This was simply because it wasn’t an area I was particularly familiar with.

I had several reasonable length sessions doing all Exploration sites, scanning down all signatures, and visiting all named locations as I crisscrossed the constellations.

It gave me a reasonable feel for the hull.

The Legion cost 775M ISK to setup. At this point in my EVE Career I don’t care too much about ISK reward verse risk ratios and what not, I fly things based on fun. It is not however a cheap option for Hi-Sec exploration.

It doesn’t have a great buffer on it – 25K EHP, which could put you at risk of grievers. I did not however really feel uncomfortable flying it.

The hull felt a little slower than what I would have preferred. The 7 second align time meant it just didn’t feel as snappy as you want when visiting large numbers of systems and sites in a session.

Warp speed at 3au is what you expect of a Cruiser, but I’d consider swapping one of the two tracking rigs for a Hyperspatial Velocity rig instead, if the guns still worked ok against the NPCs.

The 740m/s speed under Afterburner also felt a bit too slow when running Data and Relic sites. I’d go for a Mircowarp drive if the fitting options allowed.

It was still all workable to fly around in, but could have done with some tweaking.

The locking speed with a 560mm sensor resolution was ok, but only just. Only being able to lock 5 targets was also a bit of a limitation.

The Focused Medium Beam setup concentrating on tracking didn’t work out quite right in practice. The Legion I fly for Events does not have drones, so the tracking is boosted up to 0.153 to it hits most things, with a webifier to ensure it.  The Exploration hull’s Beams had tracking of 0.067. It was certainly effective enough against anything but Frigates/Drones under 5km – but I had drones of my own for anything too close. Based on my experience with this and other laser hulls, it would have worked out better to go rigs / a setup for longer optimal range (was 13km with multifrequency crystals with a 7.5km fall off) or higher DPS.

Again the setup was workable as is, but could do with adjustment.

The 300m3 cargo space was limiting. I carried two small secure containers, one for loot, one for spares. You had to be selective on what you picked up. Again, it was workable.

It was nice having a tractor beam. It meant you were able to salvage / check out cans as you cleared sites. The 200m3 drone bay also meant you had plenty of choices about what you carried. I had no issue with scanning times, or running the analyzers, or Cap, or tank.

So – again, workable, but with room to tweak.

But – as you can probably tell by my tone, I am not flying the ship any more. The T3 hull simply locks you out of too many combat sites.  (Possibly all of them I would guess, as I did not scan down a normal combat dead space I could access.)

Taking the lessons learnt (and most of the fit) I’ve replaced the Legion with a Stratios.  I will have to see how that pans out.

2 thoughts on “The Feels

  1. When you originally mentioned the T3, I vaguely recall there was noise in the meta about how easy it was for the strategic cruises to run high-sec in particular. And that this tended to squeeze out less experienced players at a time when CCP was directing resources into the exploration profession. So I believe that T3 are locked out of most sites. So are tech2 hulls in some instances. So that leaves the Sisters ships as a primary choice for this content. With their drone offence, decent cargo and bonuses to exploration they are worth the price tag or the time sunk into missioning with Sisters for the personal pride of earning it yourself.

    • I remembered the T3’s had been locked out of various sites – I just hadn’t realised how many of them! The Stratios is working out well so far. Need another long session or two before commenting on the details.

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