First Step



After months of watching YouTube videos I finally installed World of Warships yesterday.  This was my very first battle with other players (against NPCs).  A good start – but it went comfortable down from there.  (Literally with ships sinking.)  I’ve had 7 matches and only sunk one other ship since.  It has taken a little while to adjust settings to stop some client stuttering and freezes – not that those caused my demises.  The tactics used by the other players are different than the more skilled players I’ve been watching on YouTube.  Most seem to take the most direct routes in a mad bunch and get into manic brawls.  I flank and carefully pick where I will thread through islands – but that means both missing much of the action and running solo into the NPC ships also flanking, which have tended to be much heavier hulls.  If I am not stopped I have managed to do plenty of the capturing.  Most pleasingly I haven’t managed to damage another player yet or run into an Island.  That will come…

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