Second Step


I took my second step in World Of Warships – my first all player battle.  I felt somewhat conspicuous towards the end as the numbers dwindled – assuming people were more than likely spectating on my ship.  (I’m not sure what happens if you quit a battle early – do you get your rewards?  Do you have to wait around for the end as I have been to get them?)  Some reasonable tactical decisions, unusually straight shooting and plenty of luck saw me come out as the last man standing.

That battle was rather exciting – although not with the same PVP shakes I tend to get in EVE.  I think that comes down to feeling like you have more situational awareness and more time to think.  It also doesn’t really cost you anything of note.  I know my underlying goal at this point is just not embarrassing myself.  I don’t say that flippantly, I mean it.  It is the source of much of my anxiety.

I’ll probably talk about the game for a bit – but reflecting on it in comparison to EVE and what I might, or might not learn from it.

5 thoughts on “Second Step

  1. Played hard core for 6 months… 1743 Battles 59% WR and I always watched nearly every match to the conclusion. I provided extra eyes when I could and constructive criticism where it was warranted. I always felt (feel) that the strategic perspective you get from 3rd partying till the end helped with the tactical play. Most people seem to just jump from match to match trying to score the highest and if they die early they don’t care about the outcome. I quit playing as the lack of commitment to the individual match outcomes caused me much to much distress. Thus the reason EVE always calls me back from other games, the losses in EVE are felt verses the just drop another quarter into the slot and press the play again button mentality that all other game players seem to enjoy.


    • Thanks for the information about what happens if you quit a game. I probably watch through around 70% – although find the lessons learnt vary greatly. I imagine if you play the game with a bunch of friends through a division that you would likely have a much higher level of success. It is not uncommon for a match to feel like it is being played by cats.

  2. Welcome to World of Warships. There is no penalty for leaving the match early, though the ship will not be available again until the match ends. You’ll have to play another ship until then. You can review the match results after the fact by clicking on that match in notifications (lower right corner of the port screen.)

    Don’t worry about what other people think. Occasionally you’ll get an ass in chat proving they’re a loser of a different sort, but mostly you won’t. I agree with SLy’s comment about learning from spectating. There are also lots of YouTubers who do an excellent job of showing the ins and outs of the game. I can recommend iChase and Notser without hesitation. iChase especially has a lot of good how-to videos. Notser is just damn good and also explains things, though at a higher level most often. Still, it’s stuff you will need to know.

    If you’d like add me to your contact list and we can division up once you get to tier IV or so. Currently my lowest ranked shio is tier IV. gl hf!

    • Thanks for the information. I’m already a fan of Notser, but have added iChaseGaming to my list of people to follow. You are on the North American server while I had to join the Asia one – so I expect that means we can’t join the same division.

      • It would be extremely difficult for certain! Didn’t realize you were in that part of the world. Nevertheless, hit me up if you ever have a question. If I don’t have an answer I likely know where it can be found. gl hf!

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